post polio syndrome/cfs/immunoglobin

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    hey was just reading where somone, "nah stacey" I think had mentioned about postpolio syndrome being like cfs and the talk about vaccinations etc and looked into it a bit because I remember something odd when I was about 4-6 y/0 couldnt get out of bed fora few days like my legs wouldnt work and dont remember what was wrong and my parents are dead now so cant ask them but wondr if it was after a booster vax or something, then got fullblown cfs/fibro after a surgery 20 some years later---interesting theory connection to postpolio cfs vax---the site I went to recd:
    Preliminary studies indicate that intravenous immunoglobin may reduce pain, increase quality of life, and improve strength. Research into its use is ongoing.

    has anyone tried that? success?
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    That is basically what happened to me. However, my mom is still alive and she said the Dr. didn't really know what it was that made me sick. They sure didn't want to scare everyone by saying it may have been the Polio vaccine. But same issue got fullblown CFS/Fibro after major surgery 25 yrs after.
    I am going to check out your immunoglobin idea.