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    Three weeks ago, I had emergency gall bladder removal surgery. GB removal was not due to stones but due to a complete shut down of the GB function. I was extremely ill and drove myself to the ER on my birthday, so you can imagine how horrible I was feeling..knew I was in serious trouble. Apparently, I was days away from going toxic, and the decision to remove immediately was the right one. Upon awakening from the surgery, I experienced immediate relief from many of the symptoms I had experienced for such a long time, intense sporadic shoulder pain,fatigue, digestive issues, a long laundry list..and my asthma symptoms even disappeared!! Surgeon claims I had intense pressure on my diaphragm which may have contributed to the mild asthma I had started to experience last summer. Post surgery I had no gas, no nausea, very little pain from the incisions..only took eight of the painkillers prescribed. Then, two days after I came home from the hospital, my elbow started to hurt. At this point, it's really killing me...not the front of my arm, the back of my elbow, like if you banged it really hard, and it would hurt really bad for that minute or two, only this is not going away.

    Does anybody think this has something to do with the surgery? Somebody suggested to me that it may be an adverse effect of the anesthesia leaving my body. I am due to see the surgeon again next week..I want to give it until then before I mention it to him.

    Also, this was the same arm (left) that I had numerous IV's in and I was paranoid that maybe a piece of needle or something got lodged in there, but the site of the IV healed, is not swollen, and does not I kind of eliminated that as a possibility.

    Anyway, if anybody can shed some light on this or has experienced a similar situation, it would be most appreciated. My digestive system is slowly on the mend and I feel so great, better then I have felt in years, so you can imagine what a bummer it is to now be encumbered by a very sore elbow.


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    My daughter had the laproscopic type gallbladder surgery and said that she had "gas bubbles" go thru her system and cause pain in strange places!!!! I don't know if that was her own diagnosis or a doctor's, though!!!

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