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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by michsteep, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. michsteep

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    I would like to reach out to you since I'm a mother with 2 younger children too. I was diagnosed about 5 yrs ago and my children are only 11 & 9 now. It would be nice to have someone to talk to going thru similar challenges.
  2. tandy

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    Good thing I looked on page 2,.. or I would've missed this.
    Sure,... that sounds good!! I'm game :)
    Do you ever use the chat here??? I use to but have'nt in a long time.

    Do you have Fibro,or CF ??? or both
    I've had Fibro for about 13 yrs(a lil longer) ?? whos counting anymore. LOL
    Its so tough raising small ones and just doing everything thats expected of Moms.
    I can recall so many days when I'd think,..God,.. just get me thru this day.
    Like birthday partys, amusement parks,etc. and its terrible to wish those times would fly by,... but it was just sooooooooooo exhausting!!

    I still do those things but push myself every inch of the way. :)
    and then pay tenfold for days later.

    I totally relate and I'm sure your doing the best that you can do~
    so anyhoo- let me know if you wanna meet in the chat, or sneek e-mails :)
    Take care,
  3. michsteep

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    I'm certainly game to try the chat room. I'm new to this site and actually to posting on message boards or chatrooms. I work 8 hrs mon/tue/ and 4 hours wed. a.m. in front of a computer so I actually don't get on the computer at home as often. I was diagnosed w/fibro about 5 years ago but probably had it longer. My mom was also diagnosed which made is easier for me & my dr. to figure it out.

    I know the feeling about doing all that's expected of you and feeling it for days after.

    I can read up on chat rooms & meet you there next.
    smile : )
  4. michsteep

    michsteep New Member

    okay - i checked out the chat room for fibro - but i'm not sure that would work as well for me. I like the idea of see if this works for us.