Post-traumatic FMS -- Car accident

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lady-in-Red, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Lady-in-Red

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    Hello -- Need to hear from anyone who has FMS as result of car accident AND are receiving or used to receive medical coverage from auto insurance. PLEASE.
  2. yesnettv

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  3. PVLady

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    It might help to know what specific information you are looking for. Are you asking about coverages provided on policies, like "medical payments coverage", or "uninsured motorist coverage".

  4. Koala8_1

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    Hi, I had an accident in 99 which flipped me into FMS and MPS. I was diagnosed by several doctors. Auto Insurance paid for 7 years and then found a dr to say there is nothing wrong with me. I am now trying to find a lawyer I can afford to help me fight to get my medical benefits back. I require massage therapy 2X's a week and it is getting very expensive for us to handle. I don't understand how they could pay for this for 7 years and then all of a sudden I don't and have never had this. I had another dr of theirs tell me in 2002 that I did have it. They don't mind taking your money for premiums but when it comes time to pay they are stingy!

    I am looking for a dr to help me. My internist believes in what i have but not that it was caused by the car accident. So he is of no help in fighting the insurance company or helping me with disability. I have had to stop working in may. I am in Michigan, where are you from?

    Hope this lets you know you aren't the only one. Take care.
  5. PVLady

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  6. SueSnyder

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    I got rear-ended by a drunk in '93, neck/upper back soft tissue injuries (whiplash), used up my PIP fairly quickly from my auto insurance, then used my health insurance. Eventually settled for a pittance from the drunk's insurance company because I couldn't take any more hassle.

    Nowadays MOST health insurance companies include a clause that says that IF you receive a settlement or reimbursement after a MVA, you have to pay back the health insurance for what they paid (up to the limit of what you receive as a settlement, of course).

    What's going on? If your health insurance company is refusing to cover you simply because you were injured in a MVA, I believe it might be worth calling the attorney general's office in your state.

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