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  1. 00a7370

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    Hi all,

    I'd like to start a chain for those of us who are bedridden & housebound to give some helpful hints of how to keep our spirits up.

    I'm going to list mine below. You may be doing these things already and / or have something to add. Please post your helpful hints.

    Have a comfortable environment; i.e., airconditioning, comforters, sheets, memory foam.

    Have all of your daily items sorted in small or large (lightweight) decorative bags at your bedside. For example: one of each for make-up, toiletries, facial products, laptop gadgets and/or ipods and equipment. You'll not have to label them because you'll get to know quickly which fabric of the bag contains what. They are easy to pick up by their handles.

    Stay away from daytime television if at all possible. Tends to give the feeling of being bed-ridden and depressed. Put it on at the time you would if you had gotten home from work.

    Listen to music. Different kinds for different moods and different weather. For example, listen to Classical music during a rain storm, light country music during a sun shiney day. You can download, share, listen to online radio stations and learn new musicians that you would like to download their music.

    Find alternate spots to plant yourself down if you can. For example, set up a twin size memory foam topper topped with a beatiful 400 tc sheet on a couch that you can look outside from, move to a recliner where you can watch great films on a big screen TV if you have one or listen to music in stereo.

    For those with aching hands, arms, carpal tunnel - get a headset with a microphone for your computer and telephone and teach yourself how to operate with verbal commands.

    Do something for someone else who is worse off than you. Make a phonecall, send an email, just let them know that you are there for them and care about them.

    Teach yourself something. Keep your mind active. Make it your job for the day. For example: learn a language - get Rosetta Stone or other program. Take online classes. Have a realistic goal that you can learn something that can be done from bed.

    Trace your ancestry online. You'll find out fascinating things you never knew. You'll find documents, like birth certificates, death certificates, ships logs of passengers that went through Ellis Island. You'll feel a kindred spirit with your ancestors. You can invite family members to join in the search and share things with each other. You can find distant cousins you can communicate with.

    Keep up with people's birthdays. Send cards from

    Read. Doesn't matter what. Uplifting books of people that had much worse obstacles and surpassed them, girly magazines, mysteries, whatever floats your boat.

    Reach out. For example on this site. Answer someone who is new and give them your advise as someone who has more experience.

    Have a realistic dream for the future; i.e., moving to a beautiful countryside little cabin where you can lay on a zero gravity lounger with memory foam pillows and do all of the above from there or simply try to get a local government free handyman to help you create a space like that, exactly where you are today. A little garden with a fountain.

    If you are able to take care of a pet, by all means get one. They sense when you are sad, lay on the bed next to you, and lick your face when you need it. Studies have shown that having a pet lowers your blood pressure and lifts your spirits. Someone posted that we can get helper dogs.

    Develop a good support group. Try to find psychologists that specialize in helping chronic pain patients and makes telephone or email consultations.

    Put makeup on, mosturize your face, give yourself a manicure.

    Try to get dressed in pretty clothes if you can. Something easy to put on, like a flower sundress that has a zipper, and can slip into easily. Even if it's just you, it will lift your spirits.

    Have a basin next to you where you can refresh yourself. Have adult wipes, toothpaste, deodorant all organized in one of the decorative bags.

    Have hair products; i.e., dry spray shampoo, hairbrush, different hair accessories all organized in a bag to freshen and fix up your hair.

    Have a bedside comode, toilet paper and personal wipes and a pretty smelling spray. This will save you the effort to get to the bathroom. You can cover the comode with a pretty sheet and know one will know it's there.

    p.s. all of the above can be obtained by shopping online. Make it a challenge to find the best deals. Find cheap outlet sites.

    That's all I can think of for now. If I think of something else, I'll add it later.

    Please add your own hints.

    Hope this helps one person.


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  2. lrning2cope

    lrning2cope New Member

    Although I am not bedridden right now , I have been and your ideas are great.

    I would add , if you are able , embroidery , knitting and such .

    Little slide viewer to look at slides on.

    bird feeder and squirrel fun things outside window
    * squirrel fun : corn on ferris wheel and other novilty items to feed squirrels are a great mood lifter ! You can get them from feed stores , farm stores , and outdoor sections in stores like K-Mart.( Of course what I mean is someone can get them for you )

    listening to soothing sounds on tape such as waterfalls , and other peaceful tapes.Or is it is hard to hold a book , books on tape .

    Hope these ideas help !

  3. texasrose204

    texasrose204 New Member

    I have my days where i am in the bed! Went to Sam's and dinner Saturday this past week and Sunday I was in bed.
    Found it difficult just to go to the bathroom.
    I find each time i do this my time in the bed is longer.

    I wondered why this was happening and it really gets me down. Reading your post really helped me feel better about it-- knowing there is something else i can do!
    gave some really good ideas there and That is how i should handle it, instead of laying there watching tv--and crying!
    Thank you!
  4. 00a7370

    00a7370 New Member

    That's a big one. I made one for each of my three grown kids and two step-daughters, next project is for my grand-daughter. My right hand - carpal tunnel is too bad to do much of that right now, but will do soon.

    I get the kits from HSN or QVC.

    My kids took there's home and my daughter shows her three year old daughter who gets confused when she looks at it and says "is that me Mommy?" and my daughter says "no honey, that's mommy when she was a little girl.

    Great creative fun!
  5. 00a7370

    00a7370 New Member

    I was thinking about this post tonight and thought "who am I, the Martha Stewart of the bedridden?" Yuck!

    Sorry if I minimalized this horrid disease and the total depression we all go through.

    I was just tired of only posting when I needed help. I thought for once I could maybe impart some things that have helped me cope.

    I have my good and bad moments. Tonight I'm in a deep depression. It's all ups and downs.

    Hope you have a little more ups than the downs.

  6. 00a7370

    00a7370 New Member

    I go on You get a free 14 day trial but then it costs.

    I've gotten so into it that my original plan was to get as much done in 14 days as possible and then quit.

    It's worth the $20 bucks or so because it takes you out of your circumstances into other times and eras.

    I found out a lot about my grandmother on my dad's side who was put into a mental institution when my dad was around 9. They told me she was dead when I was little. I felt her presence when I saw documents with her name on them. It's like playing detective.

    The scrapbooking comes in great sets that you can get good deals on through Home Shopping Network or QVC. You can order online or call them. If you watch them on television, they'll give you some helpful hints.

    Its fun and creative. I will take a piece of artwork that one of the kids made and put some pictures of them at that age on the page with different borders.

    I even glued little sea shells around the picture of my stepdaughter when she was at the beach. You can't do anything wrong. Just jump in there and be creative.

    If you think about it, even if that is all you leave behind, it will be something that can be passed down that connects you to it forever.
  7. 00a7370

    00a7370 New Member

    Even though I put in the second post on here that I was sorry if it seemed liked I minimilized this disease and the terrible difficulty of it, I did really mean my original post.

    These are the things that I have done to feel productive again. It has helped immensely, even though I still have my down days.

    Like I said, hope it helps one person, and I would like to get input from others. Also, not just bedridden but from everyone who is pretty much housebound.

    Thanks everyone.
  8. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    is putting all of my small objects that i keep near my beds in small cardboard boxes. Just ordinary boxes, one doesn't even have a lid, but it sits on a shelf next to my bed so I can reach into it or pick it up to look through it easily. We reinforced them with packing tape on the outside to make them sturdier and put it all around the edges of the cardboard so you don't accidentally cut yourself on it.

    They contain things like a comb, chapstick, dental floss, a pain patch, Neosporin, throat drops, cough drops, throat spray, Colloidal Silver spray, Aspirin, Pamprin, a nail file, a battery operated necklace fan, gum, Tic Tacs, earplugs, a compact, Oscillococcinum, Blockade, (for flus), pens, pencil, highlighter, stickies, bookmarks and so on...

    This helps ya keep organized and cleaning is much easier for you or someone else.

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