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    Had to show off my little three that made it through. The black little one was first, then the yellow one, then, the middle one is the one that I helped out. Got her as she looked up at me...isn't she cute? Oh I hope she's a she. She looks like the Americana that is in with them.
    How is everyone here?
    How about posting your most favorite animal/, or that you have had.
    I would have to say that my favorite is my old Golden Retriever that I have right now. What a sweetheart..and the pup that I got is going to be a year old next month. Can't believe I've had him a year already. I've come to love him almost as much as Grizz..the old guy.
    My past? I have to say a little black dog that we had when we first moved here back in the 60's, with the real original name...Blacky. :)
    I pray that everyone is doing well!
    Love, Cynthia
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    Just wanted to say your chicks are adorable! When I was a little girl, many many years ago, we always had chickens and chicks to take care of. We had banty hens and a rooster, also some of the big red hens (Are they Road Island Reds?) and a rooster. We always had eggs to gather. I was afraid of the big red hens when I'd go to reach in the nest for the eggs, they'd peck me! I soooo wish I could have chickens like that again. But, I live alone in a one-bedroom apartment. No chickens here! But, I'd love raising the chicks and gathering the eggs.

    Thank you for sharing your blessing with all of us!

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    Oh, I remember a big red rooster that we were afraid of as kids. The area was fixed so we could lock him out of the coop area to collect the eggs. He was mean. Got hold of my sis once, really got her legs good. They can be very protective. Mamas too I guess.
    And, yeah, you are in a place where it would be tough to have any pets, except for a small, very small dog, or a cat.
    Yes, I believe that pets are a blessing. :)
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    The chick with the black stripe on the back almost looks like he/she is wearing a mohawk haircut. I love that you have taken such care of them. It's fun to see the photos.