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    I posted it under my thread " have inspired me to put up some of my artwork"

    I have overdone to get the costume done...but more is playing into it...I should have posted it feels safer to post my feelings here...I can't always tell if someone is being straight when they post back sometimes...or maybe that is just being in this place with this disease.

    It is hard to tell sometimes over a board, because you can't see the person, or read their facial expressions...I don't know, I just came out of a situation that I was hurt, and it is hard to trust...I want to trust that everyone has good intentions...maybe they do, and I can't see clearly because of the flare making me feel more vulnerable...

    I was vulnerable as a child. and was hurt...I just came out of a spiritually abusive situation, and want to trust in others...then I find the other board, and feel like I am accepted, safe...and then after awhile maybe not because I really don't know where others are coming from....if they are being honest, or coming out of their own stuff.

    When I can be OK and centered, if I am not feeling particularly ill, then it's no problem...when I flare, then it is harder to trust others...I just am not sure where they are coming from.

    I don't know if any of this makes sense to any of you...or maybe this is just my own stuff?


    PS it seems to have gotten worse since I met with that group from my church...maybe it is because of that...or maybe it was just too much after so many busy days, to then go out, and have a "late night" (not in bed at 8:30, that is when the group started!)

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    I'm mending and finally strong enough to start putting two thoughts together.( I hope)

    Trust and faith go hand in hand. We all have those fears, but the important thing is not their opinion.

    They are nothing more than opinions of people that don't even know you.

    I do believe that God brought you here. And I also believe He has a plan for you.

    He didn't give you all that talent just to see it taken away.

    He will show you where He wants you to use those talents. So keep your heart and mind you can hear what He has in store for you.

    I know it will truly be wonderful life. But sometimes it's hard to be passenger when we want to drive.

    God Bless You and remember every day is a gift. Better than bows and ribbons are the smiles of those children you are guiding to be adults.

    So many rewards, you will be recieving in the coming years.
    It may be hard to imagaine, but the first time I held my first grand child after watching him come into this world, I knew nothing else would ever be more important for me.

    And your life my be different but just as wonderful. Trust you heart, keep it tender, don't let anyone change that.

    Blessings, DE