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    Hello. I posted this to the general board, I guess, thinking I was in the fibro board. So, going to repost with more information. Sorry, this might be lengthy...

    I am 39 (almost 40...argh!) and have been living with chronic pain (daily) for about 10 years now. I have not been diagnosed with Fibro, but Friday night, or actually Saturday morning about 5 am, after not being able to sleep from the pain in my legs, I got up and started with webmd to see what could possibly be wrong with me.

    If you've ever been to webmd, it starts with point to where your symptoms are. Upon doing that and completing their questions, I was given about 20 options as to what the pain might be caused from. I was able to rule out many of the diagnosis's and with that, started going thru each one to see what the disorder was about and what other symptoms that I have fit where. I narrowed it down to Fibro being pretty much the only option without seeing a MD. I am currently unemployed, by choice and my husband is the only one working. He makes good money and lots of overtime, but it really doesnt leave much $ for extra things after the bills and the necessities. Plus we are in the process of remodeling our home, which is currently taking much of any extra that we do have. I really dont know at this point whether between the pain I have and the lack of sleep if I could hold a job or not.

    Let me get to the point...I have leg pain that is mainly centered around my joints (ankles, knees and hips). It does encompass the entire length of my legs, but hurts mostly in the joints. I have arm pain, same as with the legs. I get stomach cramps, similar to "charlie horses" as well as cramps in my feet, legs, back and neck. My legs hurt more then my arms and is more constant then pain anywhere else. Maybe its just because at this point its more noticeable. I have knots under the skin on various parts of my body. They are slightly raised but not noticeable unless pointed out and without any pain.

    I am depressed all the time and have no energy. I am unable to sleep and usually dont go to sleep until the sun is coming up therefore I sleep late in the afternoon or early evening, making it a vicious cycle. I am finding more and more hair in the drain of the tub or in my hairbrush. My nails are rigid and wavy (which I always thought was due to my years of acrylic nails). I notice the pain more or experience more pain when there is a storm coming, and can always tell before the meteorologist confirms it.

    And, OMG, I am always hungry and can never seem to get enough to eat. Last night, we ate at about 6 (steak, potato and vegies). By 8 I was starving. No kidding, I ate 2 pudding snack packs, a single size serving of pop corn, 3/4 (large) can of peaches (shared with hubby) and was still hungry. Of course, I didnt eat any more.

    I have had migraines for years now. I am irritable and cranky. Everything and everyone gets on my last nerve. I bite off the heads of people for just looking at me.

    I am having trouble remembering the simplest things. Things I have known for years and all of a sudden I cant think of things. Example being, I am a dog breeder and have been for years. Today upon speaking with my best friend, I am trying to tell her about some options to consider regarding parvo. I cant even think of the word "parvo". Couldnt think what it was called. So then I had to describe to her what I was trying to think of. We are the best of friends. I know all about her and I am then speaking about her dog and cannot think of his name. We had discussed fibro and her husband has fibro (upon many other things). I was not aware of him having fibro. I knew he has many conditions, disorders and such, but was not aware of the fibro. Upon speaking to her about this and telling her what was going on, she said it sounded like it to her.

    I guess I am just looking for some information. I purchased some melatonin, 5-htp, b-12, venastat as well as the fish oil and condroitin and glucosamine that I already take. Since there is not cure for the disorder, I am looking for some good alternative medications that I can take...herbal stuff, treat the symptoms. Anyone with any ideas?
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    misskoji Member

    First of all, welcome, and I'm sorry you had to come here, but glad you found us.

    Forgive me if this is formatted funny or typos, I'm posting from my mobile.

    Although none of us can diagnose you, of course, it sure sounds like you have Fibro and or CFS/ME.
    I remember one of my first symptoms similar to what you are saying...I couldn't remember the word FORK for the life of me.

    I wanted to just give a suggestion. You mentioned painless bumps beneath your skin, and also your joint pain. I would suggest that you get an ASO test to rule out Rhuematic fever. Not sure of the cost, but I think the risks of missing an important dx like that or any other would be worth it.

    Other than that, the rest of your symptoms all do sound like all the DDs we all suffer with.

    I don't have much experience with supplements, but there is a great wealth of knowledge here on the board if you run a search on past threads. Also, there are many nice people here that are knowledgablle who I'm sure will give you great suggestions.

    Hoping you find answers soon.
  3. shirley1259

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    I dont know alot about supplements but there are a lot of people here who do. One thing that I do take is magnesium for the leg cramps at night. I also take vitamin d because mine is so low. other than that I am mostly on pharmaceutical stuff and vitamins. I hope someone with more knowledge can help you further. And like misskoji said you should see a dr. to get a definitive diagnosis. Again welcome to the boards.
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    I appreciate all the information. I will look for the recommendations you all made. Last night was a decent night. It does seem that the herbal meds that I have already chosen have begun to make a difference. I was actually asleep before midnight (somewhere around 11-1130 I guess) and was wide awake this morning at 730. However, I did have a migraine, so I tried to sleep it off with some excedrin and finally got up around 1130 with no migraine.

    I did have more pain in my upper torso last night than I have had in quite a while, mainly my arms. I do seem to have a bit more spunk in the past couple days than I have had in a long time. I was able to speak to my husband about it a bit and we are going to try to get me into a doctor somewhere, somehow. I read on some site where it can take 5 years to reach a diagnosis of Fibro. Gosh, I really hope not because I have already been dealing with this for about 10 years. But if the herbal meds work and continue to do so, do I really need a diagnosis? Well, Yes, I guess I probably do to make sure that it isnt something else.

    Oh, and maybe I should tell name is Teresa. I just realized that I didnt sign my post, so no one knows my name.

    I hate going to the doctor. It never fails, I go in, he has allotted 15 minutes (sometimes less) and he rushes in and then back out without really listening to me. I need a doctor that isnt going to do that to me. I have called my GP and they can get me in tomorrow and will work with the payment as well, so I guess that will be my first opportunity to try to get this resolved. I did speak to the receptionist regarding my thoughts and she did say that he is well versed in Fibro and that he and the nurse practioner work together on cases regarding fibro. So I guess thats what I will be doing tomorrow...wish me luck!

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