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    I never posted a picture with my profile.....I did not know how. No idea!

    My copier is not working so I can only use what is already in my computer. But I was curious.......

    I went to EDIT PROFILE..........there is a box that wants to know if you want to add a I clicked that I did........

    Then you get a box where you can go through your picture files and select a picture........You are walked through the whole process step by step. SO EASY.

    ONE takes FOREVER to go from step to step. I was wondering if it really "took" each time I made a new step. I would walk away from my computer for a while and come back and see that I was ready for a new step.....etc.
    So just have patience. Go and pick up the livingroom or something between steps. Also your picture will not appear right away on your profile, but it will...given time again.

    My face in the photo is fuzzy. But I should clean that photo up. I will do that on another experimental day. It would not accept a more recent photo so I had to use me in a grass skirt that I had sent someone, so it was in my computer files. I was quite a bit younger. I have grandchildren I am older......

    But I learned something. Please try it. It is easy. Just do not push or try to do it quickly.......
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    Just wanted to say thank you.

    I now can copy and past.I have done it a few times.

    The info was right on.

    Im sure this one will also help many.You are so nice to do this .What a good idea.

    Thanks again

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    I think we are here on earth to help each other and care for each other.
    That is why this site is so great! We have such nice people here.
    Most of what I know on computers I found out by experimenting. That is once I got over that I was not going to nlow up the computer by pushing a wrong key. LOL.

    Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate.