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    Just checking in, can't take a break without someone getting after you huh?

    LOve Anne C
  2. Cromwell

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    From you. I saw you answer a couple of posts earlier this week, waiting for you to post, and decided you must be ill.

    I am praying for you surely re Dale's biopsies etc. I wish you could feel a little better in yourself too.

    It is a hard time of year. I think many on the boards are feeling rotten right now, I swear all our flares occur about the same time-wonder if it is with moon phases as there was a full moon a few days ago.

    Been answering a few pet queries. Child custody questions too. Get on this keyboard and it does my neck in.

    I have a whole slew of doctor appts. coming up. Was weeping a bit this a.m. due to the pain and having to take our van in for repair. Fortunately, we were able to borrow a car to stand by with but they got done really quickly.

    I got upset as the ENT I waited weeks for cancelled out on me rudely too. However, blessing in disguise, got appt. 23rd with far better doctor who is only a mile away. I have that, then nerve and EMG testing(only way the darn neuro will see me again can you believe)got my gastro, got the rheumy at long last, then have to go to Urologist due to blood in urine gyne found.

    Also have dexa scan and mammo gram. My feeling is that if that crowd cannot do anything, then I will just lay back and accept it all. Have a dentist too, small filling is all-about the only thing that is good are my teeth!!!

    This will be my 60th year I have that birthday in November. And I have a child not yet 12! Even with the DD I look younger than my age, have no grey at all and just a few wrinkles for sure since this Fm flared up. Most people assume I am about 50/52 ish. Dh has brain trauma, but otherwise is so healthy and younger than I.

    Oh Yes, you are now old enough to get AARP price breaks and free mag etc. Did you sign up? On cover of this month's is Goldie Hawn with all the cosmetic work, same age as me looking about 22. It ticks me off that AARP do this, all the airbrushing too, who are they tring to kid, this mag is for 50 and older!

    You will be falling asleep reading this honey.

    You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love, your friend, Anne

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