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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mermaid01, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. mermaid01

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    Posting, thought process and what to do with our posts.
    I was interested in this topic and understand the need to express our feelings, share our ideas, in hopes that it might help someone else. I find it very difficult to write, expressing ideas without getting off the topic. More than not my posts are long, ideas just pour out. Some worth while and could be used in many different ways; adjusting a post so it can be used to send to media, TV (O'Rielly Factor), legislators, all elected officials. Stop laughing! We work very hard on our thoughts, here is what I do to try to make things easer for myself. First, when I compose a post, I do it in word; it is easier to correct spelling and use the Thesaurus when words become redundant. Then I re-read the message until I think it is addressing the topic. Most important of all, I save it in a word doc file (on my desktop), I call it "Health Articles for Posting, TV, Print". This has been a very time saving step for me, I can take the message and rework to fit the new topic, sending it to what ever medium that seems appropriate. Every once in awhile there is a new post asking an old question, you can answer that post by opening up the folder and updating the post you want to use to fit the question at hand. I suppose most people do this but just in case, I hope my plan will come in handy for someone else. Oh, this works for other things, I also use this method when I want to write a political commentary and make my voice heard in the political arena. I go to NFBI (National Federation of Independent Business), you can share your comments by sending it with "one click", it goes to your state elected officials, The President and more. It make it so easy to have a say in the American Process. I better get off this soap-box! Have a nice weekend! Mermaid01
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    you put alot of thought into this so I'm bumping it up for more to read.. I do this with work.. canned letters I save and change.. never really thought about doing it here.. hope you have a great weekend also..
  3. mermaid01

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    I liked the name you gave my method for posting; canned, great name. You have a great weekend to. Mermaid01
  4. dancingstar

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    Excellent advice. Thank you, Mermaid!
  5. JLH

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    Thanks for such a great idea. Can I offer one suggestion, though?

    That would be to break long paragraphs down to a few shorter paragraphs. It certainly makes it easier for us to read.

    Thanks for the great idea.

  6. mermaid01

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    I read your bio, your life has been full of illness I'm sorry for that. You must be have been very tired after caring for both your parents. I took care of my grandparent for three years. My grandfather had bed-baths each day and had to be tied to a chair (with a banana and some cookies) while we did our shopping. In many ways it was a special time but it took a great toll on me. After that my husband of 20 years died, right in front of me; leaving me with 3 teenagers. I too have had my share of surgeries and illnesses; sometimes I think many FM sufferers have had their share of stress and pain. I believe that a person can take just so much and then something has to give. I'm rambling a bit, sorry about that. My sister has lupus, it is unbelievable to think of someone having all the illnesses you suffer from. Your bio reveals a strong person. I hope you have many good days so that you can enjoy your family and projects. Again, thank you for your suggestion relating to my writing style. I will work on the long sentences.
    Bless you and yours, Mermaid01

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