postmeno hrt question for those with any experience

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    my age 62-housebound-lots of time on the sofa. taken hrt in the past. can no longer tolerate provera. tried est. this past week and felt better. also like most i fear risks of taking them. anyone know a low dosage of estradiol that wont cause lining buildup. thanks for any replies. carolyn
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    First, the Women's Health Initiative study which found the risks of hrt, only studied women who were using synthetic hormones derived from pregnant horses' urine. Bio-identical hormones were not included in the study.

    Ask your doctor about what low dosage of estradiol he or she would recommend. Estradiol is a bio-identical form of one of the estrogens used by our bodies. Also, I've been told by doctors that if you're taking estrogen, then you should also be taking progesterone, to help protect against uterine cancer. Provera, which you were taking, is a synthetic form of progesterone and not identical to what our bodies make, which could explain why you could not tolerate it. You can get bio-identical progesterone in cream form and there may be other types.

    Do some research, or ask your doctor about all this.

    Here's one website you might take a look at:

    You also might want to look at - they can recommend a doctor who is knowledgable about bhrt.

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    Hi, i take a bio identical made by Dr HELEN Pensanti , its a cream plant derived estrogen and progesterone you rub 1/4 tsp twice daily also have vaginal suppository I use twice weekly called E3 1mg its plant derived Estriol . All of her products are plant derived hormones. I have never had any side effects . I had a hysterectomy in 2000 and had horrible night sweats, vaginal drynesss, moody,hot flashes all the typical menapausal symptoms. Dr Pensanti will answer any email questions you might have personally and suggest the appropreiate (sp) hormones products for you.sorry my spelling is horrible any more. you can reach her at or call 1-800-301-1982.She has really helped me over the years . She even will give you a discount on the price for widows or I have even heard of her giving some to women who just cant afford to pay, as she is sooo against the synthetic hormones and warns women of the risk envoled in taking them. Check her out and good luck to you. God Bless You Becky
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    thanks for your response. i will check out those sites
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    thanks for the info-will check out. i have heard that name before.
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    The worst thing to do is take synthetic hrt like provera or premarin. Bioidenticals are the way to go. Some docs use compounding pharmacies to make dosages of estriadiol, progesterone along with other hormones like testosterone and DHEA to suit a patient's individual needs. There are also compounded vaginal estradiol suppositories/creams that can be used.

    I fear things like osteoporosis a heck of a lot more than side effects of bioidentical hrt. Like someone said, the study a few years back was based on synthetic hormones. I have yet to see a study of bioidentical hormones. Seems like these are just lumped in with the synthetics. To me, this doesn't make any sense.

    Thanks to Mary and campbeck for the websites. I will check them out.

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    my doc says bios are no safer. i agree on osteoporosis. have been housebound over 20yrs with this. muscle strength gone. stopped est. in nov. after inability to tolerate progesterone. hot flashes seem to be about gone. 5 days of one half a .5 mg. tab of est. helped me feel much better. oh so tired of just existing while life is moving on and at 62 its sure a lot less time left than before. better stop i dont want to go there. computer use even takes more strength than i have. so dont post much. carolyn
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    Hi. I have been taking bioidentical hormones for a couple of years now--a combination of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. My are compounded through Women's International Pharmacy in Wisconsin. I have had NO adverse effects. I also take DHEA daily and 10,000 units of Vit. D. My most recent bone density showed a normal scan, an improvement from a previous osteopoenia diagnosis. So I am a great believer in the hormones.
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    There was a study done on 2009, Journal of Menopause, on DHEA vag cream as an alternative to estrogens ... good results for most subjects.

    The impetus for the study was the finding that women who have few symptoms in menopause tend to have higher DHEA levels than those who don't.

    So maybe the DHEA is also something to discuss with your doc.