Postponed the Puppy

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    And I am just broken hearted about it....

    Our landlords called today and have cancelled our lease so we have to move as soon as possible. It takes thousands and thousands of dollars to move into a German home and we're going to have to save every penny we can to help make this happen.

    That means we can't get the puppy on's just an expense we can't afford right now and especially not knowing where we'll be living in a month or so, if we'll have a yard etc...

    Hubby and daughter agreed, I seem to be the hold out but I'm the one who's been planning this since last May. I have hundreds of dollars of puppy stuff waiting for her to come home to, and more on the way.

    We're hoping that maybe the breeder will let us have a pup from the next litter, maybe that will work out.

    My daughter's ok with this...she's enjoying her life right now with her boyfriend and is stressing about adding a pup (baby) to the mix. But I would have been just fine taking care of the pup for her.

    I haven't had time to think through how difficult the move will be for me. I'm disappointed because of all the blood, sweat and tears I've put into my back yard and not being able to enjoy it this spring.

    I'm going to miss my bedroom, you know...the regular things that you miss when you have to leave a home.

    I can't imagine how I'm gong to pack up this house and do it all over again soon.

    There are a few things I'll try to look forward phone never works in the summertime when it gets hot. It'll be nice to have phone service 12 mos a year.

    A home with fewer levels and steps will be easier on me too.


    Nancy B
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    Was it the end of the lease, and they aren't renewing the lease?

    If they just cancelled the lease, I see if I could negotiate for them to get someone in there to do the packing for you.
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    Neither....they just called and said our lease was over. I think we have until August, but German laws are so different from ours. If they want to sell the house, they can just tell us to leave.

    I've made an appt to go look at another townhome tomorrow, I've got to get started somewhere...


    Nancy B
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    Sorry to Hear the News! Maybe the Next Home will Be a Better one for you and your Family! I always Hear that Things Happen for a Reason,,,,,,,,,,,,Hugs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I'll Pray that it all works out for the Best for You!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,S
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    Prayers are appreciated and I do believe we've already found the reason why this is all happening now.

    I can tell you more tomorrow, sooner if I can't wait.


    Nancy B
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    Sorry, I forgot to pop on yesterday, it just completely slipped my mind.

    I will quietly mention here that one reason we've found already why this all is happening is that my daughter's boyfriend has officially asked for her hand in marriage.

    Shhhhh, don't tell anyone and they're already having their first spat too.

    She came home really upset yesterday. She had her appt at legal to discuss the guardianship, the Gabapentin class action lawsuit and how to get married when you're overseas, she had a paper due in class with the final next week, he doesn't want her to tell her best friend yet but she's also his best friend's wife, cancelling the puppy, being forced to move and just the big changes going on in her life. (No wonder she had anxiety...

    She crawled up in bed with me and we had a nice long talk...she left the room giggling and hubby said she seemed like a different person than when she came up to see me.

    Some of this works out well, I can get a much smaller house that will be easier for me to live in while being sick. It's a long way to the bathroom from my bedroom with 14 stairs just one way. That's always been hard on me plus I can get a smaller house that's easier to keep clean.

    The breeder was fine with us cancelling the puppy, in fact, she was relieved and thought it would be a bad idea to try to have a pup at this time. Whew...that was a big relief.

    But I may have spooked the boyfriend a bit with my stubborn self by hoping that they don't move in together first. If something doesn't work out and I relax my guard with getting her the ID and insurance extended, then we're all in deep water.

    Anyway, I really do believe things happen for a reason and we sometimes just have to wait to find out the particulars.

    I forgot to mention that we are thrilled for her and we really like this guy. He's good to her (the candles and rose petals type) good for her and I've never seen her so happy and calm. And amazingly enough, he knows everything about her, all of it.


    Nancy B
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