Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome POTS

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    I have no idea! Im 33 years old dx w/ pots. I have never had any symptoms or major illnesses. One day at work (june 7 th) started to feel dizzy, got real hot, chest palpitating, fingers and hand got numb. I thought i was having a heart attack.Then i passed out for only a min though. I work in a hospital so they took me to ER. They sent me home said i was fine. Next day ended up in ER again, and again they sent me home i was fine. For three days i laid and did nothing. I then decided im living my life. Went shopping with my husband, not a good idea. I almost passed out again, I had to lay on the ground. Later that night i must have pushed myself. I thought i was gonna dye. My heart was pounding.

    I called 911, they admitted. I stayed 3 days. Failed tilt table test in 2 mins. They put me on Florinef for a week, no success. Atenolol (beta blocker) for two weeks, kinda scary b/c my bp is low to begin w/ 95/65. It get down to 85/58at times. It did lower my heart rate from 115 standing to 85-90. However, it did not solve my problem. I still get the chest and throat tightness, dizzy and lightheadedness, brain fog and confusion all w/ standing only. Im fine laying and ok for the most part sitting. I just cant have my legs hanging. No symptoms until my legs are in a standing position. Does it take awhile for the beta blockers to work? They just changed my meds to nadolol (a non selective beta blocker) and added a salt tablet. Or maybe i need to try Midodrine (a vasoconstrictor) blood could be pooling in my legs. Did you try Midorine before. I feel like im not getting blood to my head and tht would explain my symptoms. I went to another doctor he changed my atenolol to nadolol a non selective beta blocker. My heart rate seems to be higher now. (maybe it takes some time) I also take salt tablets.

    I am so completely confused and sad. 6 weeks is a long time for me to sit and do nothing. I went from full time job, part time school, being a mom and wife--------to sitting and doing nothing. Where is the cure, research, help? Sorry had to vent.

    What meds have you tried? Does it get any easier? Why cant they fix this? Do you work or drive? Do you have POTS? Do you know what caused yours? How long have you had this?
    Sorry I have a million questions.
    Thank you for listening. I keep praying everyday!
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    I could not find an active online support group for this (I don't have a lot of time to check), but maybe you can keep looking. Below is a great article I found from a patient advocate that provides very helpful things for POTS patients. Perhaps contacting that site may get you active support groups. Good luck and hugs.