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    do you think there are supplements to take that would/could/should help us post-valcyters along the comeback trail???????

    i understand it's a long recovery time for many people who've finished the valcyte. i'd like to help the process along as much as i can and would like to get people's ideas on what to take that might help get strength and energy and well-being back: that might speed up the waiting period between the valcyte and the the feeling better part that we all want so much.

    WHAT DO YOU THINK ? ? ? ? Sascha
  2. Slayadragon

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    1. Adrenal Support

    Probably the most restorative is CF Support by Atrium/Douglas Laboratories. (It may go under other names such as "Anti Aging." Look for ones that have adrenal and mesenchyme in them.) It comes in little frozen bottles that you thaw one at a time. They cost $10 per bottle, so this isn't cheap. It's meant to do as a one-month program though, to kick-start your own adrenals working. I've found them to be a little stimulating, so using them in the morning and not necessarily every day would be advisable.

    I have found DHEA to be a lifesaver at certain points in my illness. You need to test before you start using to make sure that you're low, and then test after you start to make sure that you're not too high. This can be a simple blood test through a regular lab. Saliva tests also are available.

    Other adrenal extract brands are available, though frankly I've not found that they helped me a lot.

    Some people like bioidentical cortisol. I've not used that a whole lot, but found that if I took it proactively when I knew I was going to have a stressful day, I crashed less later on.

    2. Human Growth Hormone

    My doctor in Indianapolis highly recommended this to me when I was having trouble tolerating an antiviral. It worked amazingly well.

    You need to work on the adrenals beforehand though. Otherwise it can be bring on more rather than less exhaustion.

    You also have to get a doctor to prescribe it.

    And if you don't get it covered by insurance (a battle that a few people here have waged successfully), it's quite expensive.

    This costs me $10/day too. Well worth it at certain points in my illness!

    3. Colostrum or Undifferentiated Transfer Factor

    I got a really nasty cold when I was on the antiviral, and it set me back a lot.

    My doctor suggested that this might be useful to prevent further such illnesses. He suggested taking it continuously, and then increasing to 3x the package dose if I felt any signs of a cold coming on.

    That seemed to work quite well for that purpose.

    4. I don't know if your sleep is still disturbed, but I took a combination of melatonin and Klonopin throughout my time on the antiviral. At times I had to go up to 3 mg of Klonopin. I asked my doctor if there was anything else he'd recommend for sleep, but he said that he thought that was a good mix for me.

    I didn't find anything else helped until I got away from the mold in my house, leaving all my belongings behind. (Note that there were NO signs that mold existed in my house. Not smelling mold or seeing mold doesn't mean it's not there.)

    I'd recommend taking Dr. Shoemaker's Visual Contrast Sensitivity test to check to see if biotoxins (lyme or mold poison) could be a problem for you. If they are, that could explain why your recovery from the drug has been so difficult. The test is $10 at

    Other than that, I'd put every bit of my energy toward getting the human growth hormone.
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    My doctor is kind of obsessive about high-dose probiotics too. He has a special one that he compounds's the only supplement that he encourages me to buy from his office.

    This is for general gut repair but also immunity. I believe that Kenny de Meirleir is of the strong opinion that strongly affected by the gut, for instance.
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    great information i shall make use of. i really appreciate it.

    i have been taking pro-biotics. i got over my severe IBS 4 week episode by following suggestions i got online- giving up trigger foods; carefully eating only what i could tolerate; taking certain supplements.

    I asked Dr. Montoya about immune system boosters and he said he didn't know of any.....? guess it's not in his repertoire.

    THANKS VERY MUCH !! best, sascha *it would be good if post-valcyters tracked their progress using immune-system boosters and reported in. i'll try to do this.
  5. mbofov

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    Things that seem to be helping me are:

    Immune Essentials by Swanson Vitamins, which has: ImmunEnhancer AG (arabinogalactan) (Larix spp.) (extract) (heartwood), ImmunoLin (purified immunoglobulin), Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan, Elderberry, Maitake mushroom, Shitake muschroom

    Purple Mushroom Defense by Cell Forte

    Lots of vitamin C

    Good luck!

  6. Lichu3

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    Dr. Montoya has probably heard of many immune boosters but didn't recommend anything because there is little solid proof (in terms of good human-based studies) that anything works well.

    Thanks for reporting on your progress.

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