Potassium problems?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by saddlebred, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. saddlebred

    saddlebred New Member

    Does anyone have problems with low potassium and Iron?
    My potassium stays so low the doctor has me on vitiamns for it. Last year it got so low I was having chest pains and went to the ER. I didn't know if this was a fibro side effect or something else.

    I feel better once I get my pot. back to "normal". My legs and chest don't hurt.
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  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I've never even been tested for it myself. Will have to look at this.

    Once your potassium was back up to normal, did you feel a difference?

    all the best,

  3. ruti

    ruti Member

    hi - I have FM and also had trouble with low pottasium - I got to emergency room with irregular heart beat and they discoverd my low pottasium and I got an IV. I thought then it has to do with colonics I did the previous day. I read recently the research by the Belgem's team - De Meirleir -that we havegotten the report in the newsletter and this one of the signs they give for FM!!!

  4. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    i almost feel over wheni saw this!!
    i have been having fainting spells and weakness for months now
    and have had to go to er
    and found i was alful low on potassium and also dehydrated,
    so i am on pots med and still tho have weakness
    but i do feel better,
    but i can only drink so much...
  5. luvnewcomb

    luvnewcomb New Member

    I have high blood pressure which is difficult to control, so I'm on meds for that. One of which is a diuretic which my Dr tells me could be the cause - funny though, I wasn't on any diuretics first time they determined it was way low.

    I drink tons of water and try to eat potassium rich foods, along with taking 2 giant potassium pills per day (KLOR-KON). Each time I go to the Dr to have blood drawn it's always too low which is disappointing when I try everything I can to keep it up.

    I was hospitalized and like some of you needed to get it IV, along with stay in hospital for 4 days. This has happened to me twice, along with almost causing me to have to cancel minor surgery last year. That's the time they put me on the pills and I've been on them ever since.

    I do get chest pains and irregular heart-beat sometimes due to this. When I get a stomach virus and can't take my potassium it causes me to feel worse. I started with fainting episodes even before they found my potassium to be low.

    I guess it's nothing to fool around with but have never had anyone able to tell me for sure why it's so low. My mother tells me my grandfather had the same problem, so maybe it's genetic.

    Good luck with it and those awful pills. I don't have any good suggestions, but just wanted to share my story to let you know you're not alone with FM, nor any other health problems you have along with it. I'm sure we all have twins, triplets, and more for our symptoms and I know it helps to talk about it with others once in a while.

    I don't reply a lot, but do read the board when I'm up to it.

    Thanks for bringing up a subject that I don't often see.
  6. basilrathbone

    basilrathbone New Member

    I went to the ER with chest pains last week. They admitted me and did all kinds of tests, treadmill stress, echocardiogram, and some kind of nuclear thing but didnt find anything wrong except that my potassium was low. They gave me two potassium pills in the night but I wouldn't have known what it was if I hadn't asked the nurse. They dont tell you, they just give you pills to take. A nexium, an aspirin and a potassium pill. But I don't take anything unless I ask what it is first and why I'm supposed to take it.

    But they didnt talk to me about it or tell me why that would be or even that it might cause chest pains. I looked it up on the internet when I got home. I didn't even get to see or talk to a doc about the results of all the tests before I was released. I dont have a primary care provider and no insurance so have to diagnose and treat myself I guess.
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  7. spiritsky

    spiritsky Member

    Very low potassium is a serious problem. You can have a heart attack and slip into a coma. Without enough potassium the heart can not beat. It's also vital to everything the body does...it's the basics of every cell in the body (among other things) I don't know why doctors don't tell you that...Just google up "potassium deficiency" and you'll find all kinds of good info.

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