Potassium Salt good for us?

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    I recently read where potassium Salt does not carry the problem or raising blood pressure and such. Can use this instead of regular table salt.

    Is anyone familiar with it? Is there other issues to be concerned about if you se it? I also do not assume they have it with added iodine, which is the type I get.

    Where would you get it? I jave not looked anywhere yet for it. I am curious.

    Apprecaite any info on same.......Thanks...........Susan

    EDITING: O.T. somewhat

    Have you ever ate in a restaurant that serves a great baked potato with salt on the outside? It is salt, but not real salty tasting.....sticks right to the potato.....and is soooooooo good.

    What type of salt is this and how do they get it to stick to the potato? Is it baked that way? Salt is not brown.

    I would like to fix mine that way at home..[This Message was Edited on 03/12/2006]
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    Regular table salt, is not salt. It is misnamed. False advertising, actually. It is sodium. I took the following DIRECTLY from Morton's Website.


    A granulated salt (sodium chloride) with a freeflowing agent added to insure that When It Rains It PoursĀ®. Use for baking, cooking, and at-the-table seasoning.

    This is why some people have trouble with fluid retention or elevated BP when using "salt". It is best to use Sea Salt. I use Celtic Sea Salt. It is unbleached, moist, and clumpy, AND contains ALL trace minerals in their PROPER RATIO.

    I also think it "tastes" saltier, and tend to not add more and more and more. Imagine, salt that's actually good for you.

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