Potency of transfer factors in Immunfactor 2 vs. TF System 100

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by spagman, Jan 6, 2009.

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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if Chisolm Lab's Immunfactor 2 or ProHealths Transfer Factor System 100 had more transfer factor per capsule. It seems that PH's TF System 100 is considerably cheaper per capsule (almost 1/3 the price), but I wonder if this is because it is less potent? The ProHealth website says its TF System 100 is 130mg per capsule, of which 10mg per capsule is transfer factor and there is 120mg of other stuff. I have a bottle of Chisolm Lab's Immunfactor 2, which is 100mg per capsule, but it doesn’t say how much is transfer factor and how much is other stuff - it only says it is 100mg of Low Molecular Weight Proteins.
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    I've never taken Chisolm Labs stuff, but I had taken the Immunity Today brand a few years back FOR EBV and had very little side effects. Recently I tried the TF 100 from ProHealth and I had to stop it because I was so sick from it. Even after I stopped it took weeks to feel half-way decent. POWERFULL stuff! I am now starting the TF Essentials to see if I can't strengthen first so that I don't feel so crappy on the TF 100.

    Good luck on your search!
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    Also, though, I go by what the TF targets. For example: ProHealth's may only target one pathogen or two. Chisholm usually targets 4 or 5.

    So, if you have been tested and really only need the one for, say, EBV. Then Prohealth's would seem to be the best one to get.

    I need one that covers EBV, CMV, HHV6 for sure. And the mycoplasm by Chisholm helps me a great deal too.

    Personally, I think it would be great to only have to deal with one or two viruses.

    Rich says to be careful with the TF's. That they can pack a wallop. Can try opening up the capsule and taking part of it, under the tongue at bedtime.

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    I am trying to target MCV, EBV and HHV6 B, my 2 options are to take TF System 100 and TF System 200 or to take Chisolm Lab's Immunfactor 2. I have been taking Chisolm Lab's Immunfactor 2 for 3 months and now need to buy some more. When I make my new order, I want to make sure I am getting the most potent and economical option. To do this I am hoping to find out how many mg there are of transfer factor in Chisolm Lab's Immunfactor 2.

    Spacee, do you have a contact phone number for Chisolm Lab, or know how I can get hold of them to ask? If you cant post those details on this board, are you be able to email them to me at a temporary email address if I supply one?

    Thank you, Scott
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    Chisolm Biological Lab,LLC
    1 (803) 663-9618 Ask for Michelle Dopson. She and her husband started the lab.

    and here is their email addy:


    Hope you get the info you are looking for. It is frustrating because many times we just have to try, try, try things.

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    Michelle at Chisolm finally came back to me. They are saying that their Immunfactor 2 has 90mg per capsule. This is considerably more than the 10mg in ProHealth's Transfer Factor System 100 and 200.

    So it appears that for someone like me who is trying to target CMV, EBV and HHV6 B, that Immunfactor 2 is much better value, even though it is almost 3x the price per capsule. My thinking is I have 2 options -1st option is to buy a bottle each of ProHealth's Transfer Factor System 100 and 200 (giving 20mg of targeted TF's for $93.58), 2nd option is to buy 1 bottle of Immunfactor 2 (90 mg of targeted TF's for $130.00)

    Do you know if I am looking at this the correct way? Is it possible to determine the potency of the products by looking at the mg's per capsule, or are there processes involved in their manufacture which may lead to higher potency?

    Thanks for your help.
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    But not being a professional in this area, it is just my opinion.

    One thing I know. That back when ProHealth was selling about 8 different of TF's, Rich Carson (owner of Prohealth) took the one that was about the same as Immunfactor 2. It cost the same as Immunfactor 2 though made at a different lab.

    So, that also makes me think that the more expensive ones are more potent.

    Hope that helps!