Potenial New Boyfriend: Part 2 (Results on Original Post)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by NyroFan, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    Hello all:

    I put a post on the original 'Potenial New Boyfriend'
    post with many thanks....well you will know that if you read how the coffee time went.

  2. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    I'm glad you had a nice time with this fellow, almost takes your mind of your pain doesn't it.

    I'll be off the board for a while... there is just to much going on in this board lately.

    take care of your self and I hope things go well with your Dr friend.

    love to all, Ann
  3. JLH

    JLH New Member


    I haven't seen your original post yet, but ... if you are checking out a new fella, I hope things are going well!!!!

    It's great to have a companion that you really get along well with.

    Keep us posted on how things are going!!!