POTS and CFS, chronic low grade fevers

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by HopeFlorida, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. HopeFlorida

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    Hi...I seem to now have the type of POTS where everything rises upon standing, moving. I found a doctor who seems to know how to start treating it but I haven't read where anyone with POTS has chronic lowgrade fevers? They make me feel so sick, like I have 103!

    Anyone with almost daily fevers, please let me know. I can't find it in the literature anywhere and am very confused.

    Best of health to you all!
  2. DoveL

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    Hello Hope.

    Sorry you are going thru this!

    I have CFS & FMS (the FMS developed about 4 years after the CFS) Anyway in the first few years of my CFS (I would say for at least 2 years or more I ran chronic low grade fevers)It ran about 99-100 1/2. I also felt like I had a 103 fever!

    I still 'occasionally' run those low grade fevers, and not sure what brings them on (like alto of symptoms with this disease)

    I was also tested for alot of the virus' that are 'supposedly' connected to CFS and they were neg.

    MY 'GUESS' is maybe it is something 'wacky' with our immune system?

    The 'low grade' fevers are a symptom of CFS. If you search it on the net you will find it. Also, I have networked with alot of people who get them as well. Some people have the opposite; they run a low temperature (96-97).

    Hang in there!
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  3. bct

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    I've had CFS for 14 yrs. now. The last year or so I've had daily low-grade fevers that are triggered by ANY kind of exertion --- even showering, or watering the yard, or taking a small walk. My temp pops up to 99.2 to 99.8 degrees. Facial flushing and sweating sometimes, and feeling of dizziness.

    I too am very confused by this. It is quite possible that I have Lyme. I don't know whether or not this kind of daily fever goes along with Lyme.

    So, like you, I am very confused!

    Good Wishes to you,

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