POTS and Temperature Regulation

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SkeptikSharon, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. SkeptikSharon

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    Question for those of you who also have POTS...

    Have you found any way to assist your body in regulating its temperature? I experience so many of the POTS symptoms, but aside from the almost passing out all the time part, the most disturbing part is my body not being able to regulate its temperature correctly. I feel like I am sweating like crazy no matter what. I sweat when I'm cold, I sweat when I'm hot, I sweat when I'm sleeping. I can deal with feeling hot or cold when I shouldn't, but the sweating part of it is driving me crazy.

  2. TinaJones

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    Hi - yep, I have exactly what you have. The sweating is horrible and is embarrasing. I have to keep the house constantly at 68 degrees - all through the year. My kids, right now, are on the couch with sweatshirts and blankets. They have just learned to adapt to how it has to be! (I feel bad, though...).

    Just FYI - I had my cardiologist fill out a form that got us a 25% in our electric/gas bill. It has helped soooo much. Now, it is ONLY around $500 per month (not kidding). This disease have many costs, in many different ways.

    Other coping mechanisms - short sleeves shirts, lightweight materials, cutting my hair shorter/wearing it up, drinking gatorade constantly (which has many benefits for POTS patients anyway), keeping A/C on in the house and car, doing errands when the weather is milder (early morning or in evening), cool showers, etc.

    The sweating has been worsened by some meds that I have previously been on (although it is there no matter what). For instance, I took oxycontin for pain and the sweating was worse. Also, until my heart meds got adjusted correctly (lopressor and midodrine) - it was also worse.

    That's all I can think of for now - but I definitely can relate! Trying to stay cool with you...Tina
  3. TinaJones

    TinaJones New Member

    Bump, Bump, Bump :)
  4. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    When I'm hot, I can't cool down and when I'm cold, I feel like I'm going into hypothermic shock. I'm sitting here with the air conditioner blowing on me right now.

    I think when it's colder, I actually do better. I'm much worse in the heat. And even with a shower, I have to make sure I don't take one that's too hot or I get the whole POTS flare up.

    I get night sweats really bad. There are times I wake up with the sweat dripping into my eyes. I hate it.

    I really haven't found much of anything to help. I just put the air on when I'm hot and put the heat or a heater on when I get too cold. Or I'll take a hot shower if I'm cold, but then it just reverses and I make myself sicker.
  5. SkeptikSharon

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    Thanks all...

    No, I haven't had my aldosterone levels checked. What does that one do exactly? I'll have to ask about that.

    My doctor is putting me on Digoxin for the heart issues, so I don't know if maybe that will help at all. I do tend to have the A/C on almost all the time, but I keep sweating no matter what. Plus, when I have the A/C on, I get too cold really quickly and then I sweat anyway. I especially hate it when my feet sweat, because it just feels so gross. I am almost always in a tank top or some kind of cool clothing, and tend to keep a sweater nearby for when I flip over to being too cold. It's weird, because I usually have the A/C set so that it will go to fan only and come back on when the temp rises, but as soon as it flips to fan only, I get hot again almost immediately. But when the A/C itself is on, I tend to be too cold. I feel like I can't win either way.

    And I really hate when I sweat when I'm sleeping. Its so much worse when I'm on my period, but it happens to some extent no matter what. Even if I just take a nap on the couch, the part of me that is touching the couch tends to sweat almost as soon as I fall asleep. Its just bizarre.

    Thanks again for the input though...
  6. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    I rarely sweat
    I forget what that means, I know I have read that it can tie into all this stuff somehow.
    I also can get cold or hot really easily, like it about 72 in winter and 70 in summer.

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