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    I made a two part Youtube video about POTS/NMH/Dysautonomia with alternative things that have helped me, if anyone's interested in watching it.

    There were some things I left out. It is really hard to do these videos when you are limited to only ten minutes at a time. Like I really didn't get into how debilitating this is and how severe I've had it. And I didn't get to stress the importance of salting food.

    What I can tell you is, I went from being unable to stand up for thirty seconds for many years, to being able to be more functional. I can stand for much longer periods of time, and I'm not getting severe attacks of it that much anymore. I still get it, but it's not as often or severe if I'm careful. I do get the occasional bad attack, but I did make it better.

    The video is about treating it naturally. I don't believe in using Midodrine or Florinef for it because they can damage the kidneys and heart and cause a whole host of other problems.

    I didn't mention gatorade in the vid. I have tried it, but ultimately, the colorings in it and sugar made me sick. So, I had to stop that.
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    I really want to say Thank you for putting all together for the video.
    I've been trying to read about all this and it's so over whelming or so much to put all together in my mind. The ole Fog does this too me.

    Watching your video is helping me comprehend a better understanding, i do appreciate all.
    If you do a Part 3, please post here so i can listen to that one as well.
    There is so much to understanding all this and you seem to be narrowing all down to a better understanding. i thank you Tea, all is appreciated.

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