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    Here is a small story of our only son in between 4 girls,so you know he was very dear to my heart.HE was married only 10 yrs with 2 little boys when they got divorced. my heart broke millions of times . [In fact they led us to the Lord!!] Well I started praying and storming the heavens . They each got involved with dating and quite seriously , I asked for Gods will to be done ,because only He knew what was best,well after 2 yrs of prayer they remarried and their 2 sons were witnesses !!PTL. As I am reading different posts my heart cries out to all especially the ones with sons and daughters who need help and the only way is by prayer. DO NOT CEASE IN YOUR PRAYER ! Why it is a long and weary road I dont know but hang in there all of you and I will intercede for you also. My son and daughter in law [who I dearly love] do not put God first in their life, But with prayer there is still hope . Blessings to you all
    Caroline [lcskaya]
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    seeing prayers answered? You know there is one thing I want to do when I pass over, and that's find out, who was praying for me! Who ever it was, they never gave up, and for that I am grateful.I would really like to read everyones testimony, and one of these days, when I am up to writing the whole thing, I'll share mine. We will keep praying that your son and daughter in law, will surrender to the will of God,and be completing yielded to the Holy Spirit. Hugs