Powerful energy boosters Green Magma or American Ginseng

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tigerlily787, Jan 31, 2011.

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    I found a powerful energy boost from Green Magma. I get it off of an Internet site. It is also cheaper if you get more than one. It is made from green barleygrass powder and alkalinizes the body. First I took 6 tbsp a day then I went back down to 3. It depended on how I felt when I took it. I credit this with healing me from my collapse years ago. I am in a collapse right now from burnout in the workforce and using Green Magma for recovery. I would never have collapsed if I had stayed on it. Foolish me.

    Anyone with Chronic fatigue should look up American Ginseng. It helps increase energy and stamina. Research the kinds of Ginseng first. There are different kinds. American Ginseng is the one that was most appropriate for me as a woman. I got my American Ginseng off of a cheaper website on the Internet at $20 for a pound (instead of what it usually costs at $70 a pound) and find it satisfactory. I soak the roots in water for a day or in the refridgerator and then chew them - it gives a lot of energy. Needs to be done consistently - same amount and every day for awhile till you feel better - kinda hard because I get distracted but I do it because I want to feel better. I have to do this because I do not have access to the prescription support I used to have for the glandular I was taking.
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    My 83-year-old neighbor with failing kidneys started taking something called All Day Energy Greens (which is a combo of a ton of different green foods and herbs) and within a week was looking perky. It also helped a neighbor whose immune system was compromised from chemo (some two years afterwards) to finally get over being sick.

    so I'm a believer in the health benefits of green foods products. Unfortunately, the ones I've tried make me detox. Many many things make me detox including chlorella, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar. But the Green Magma mainly has green barley grass powder so maybe it would not affect me the same away.

    Anyways, thanks for posting. The info re American ginseng is interesting as well. I may look into it -

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    Just be careful. If you need a boost and it works like caffeine it can make you crash.

    I take Nuvigil which really helps but I don't feel wired. Caffeine as well as other energy drinks do, at least for me. Nuvigil goes to a different part of the brain.

    Just saw you lost access to your prescription support. Were you going through the pharmaceutical company for this. I have used this many times.

    TwoCatDoctors has a post on the health board for resources that help pay for prescriptions.

    Good luck.


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