Praise God!

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    Since I started back into therapy, and working on issues like past child abuse... Grieving and all that sort of thing that goes with inner child healing..Well.. I been feeling better and better. The pain is not so intense, I havn't flared in weeks. I can cope and deal with life so much easier. The migraines, anxiety, depression, its eased up tremendously. I feel at the least fifty percent better. The best I have felt in the past 5 years or so.

    There is always this issue with can past trauma, or constant stress, childhood abuse, codependency, can it cause the symptoms of Fibromyalgia? Or can it actually cause Fibromyalgia. I think so. I am living proof of it.

    I praise God that his will was done, that I have been guided into the right direction in order to heal and get better. I praise God that I feel lovable and am loved, and always have been. Praise God!

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    Thanks Debbie for being here for me, its much appreciated and helpful!