Praise ~ No cancer , but please still pray for me WARNING GIRL TALK~

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  1. soulight

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    I think that I posted on the prayer thread that the biopsies came back negative, They will still biopsy my uterus when they take it out though.

    My problem right now is pain . Flare pain , back pain and pelvic pain. Today is the 77th day of bleeding moderately-heavy . There is a miracle though ! My hemoglobin is in the normal range ! The doctor cannot figure it out. God is good.

    Last night was one of the worse nights with really a hemorrhaging situation ,but God got me through without having to wake my daughter for the hospital . Most of my nightgowns/underclothes/bedclothes are ruined though .

    I will be going to the University of Michigan for a consult on August 13 . God made a way . He is SO GOOD !

    Thank you for your prayer. My home church has closed another church plant and no one knows what is going on . My daughter hasn't been going to church . I am glad she is well grounded in her faith. I can't make it out to anything unless it is a short ride in the car or to the doctor.

    Thank God for doctors ! After many years of searching , God has blessed me with a wonderful , caring team of doctors who truly care about how I am . This is the greatest blessing to me . Another thing to praise God for !

    Thank you again for continuing prayers. I don't always write , but I follow all the threads about how EVERYONE is doing and pray for everyone.
    God loves us all so much.

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  2. daylight

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    I'll keep you in my prayers sweetie. I went through the same thing back in 2001 . Doctors could stop the bleeding and I ended up with a total hyst. . But that was because of my ovaries had large cyst and shut down ,plus mind spitting pain from endo. . Had it not been for everything shutting down and the pain I would have let them cauterize the uterus as I was done having babies.
    I know its hard but God will get you through this and we will be praying for a miracle.

    Much love ,

  3. Sweetpotatoe

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    Thankyou Lord for nothing sinister in Hollies body, Lord I pray for a quickening of healing, Lord for answers and treatment, By Your stripes Jesus we are healed, You created our bodies Lord and you heal us with Your healing hand, Lord this day I join in prayer for Holly and ask the Holy spirit to touch her, heal her and bring restoration as You promise us by Your Holy word, all glory to You.In Jesus name, Amen.
  4. springwater

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    Praiyng for your healing.

    My friend used to have severe cramps during her periods and terrible gastric. Turns out she had a cyst in the abdominal area which the docs removed..its been years and she is fit and fine now.

    I hope the docotors will find out the problem and set it right.

    God Bless
  5. Doznclan3

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    Good news mixed with bad. And how do you react? With a very postive outlook. With gratitude in your heart.
    I like you don't always write, but my prayers are with all here. I have a special prayer in my heart for a few right now, including you. Take care, let us know how things are going. You must be oh so tired! Again, take care,
    Love, Cynthia
  6. TwoCatDoctors

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    It's clear you have so many different things happening. I hope and pray that you will get strength from the postings and prayers to keep going. Sometimes our medical care and procedures are slow and it takes a while, but look to the future and when your uterus comes out. When they did my hysterectomy, it was because I was hemmorhaging from all the bleeding problems. But it turned out to be the best thing possible for me. I needed that hysterectomy so bad to stop my problems.

    So please keep going, stay strong and look to the future. Many hugs and prayers to you.