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    Lord I just want to praise you and give you thanks for all the good changes you have made in my life and in the lives of my children. Especially Scott’s life, he has changed dramatically over the past three months. What the devil meant for evil You have turned it around for good. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers and setting Scott free from his bondage. It’s only a matter of time before our relationship is fully restored, and after all these years of despair you have proven to me that you are faithful when your servant is faithful to you.

    You are shaping and molding Scott to be used in a mighty way. He is going to the highways and byways reaching out and saving souls. He is truly a warrior for Christ.

    I glorify you God for using Scott in this great and mighty way, he has become a bold and powerful witness to you and he has touched the lives of many in your precious name.

    Lord my only request now is that you open the doors for Scott regarding a job. His bills are due, but his love is for you, and he wants to continue to minister to God’s people full time.

    Please heavenly Father make a way for Scott, by giving him the desires of his heart and by providing him with a job that he loves in Jesus name I pray.


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    Good news is always welcome. Praise and thanks for anything in the plus column of life.
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    its so good to hear a praise report, MY Grandson goes to court tommorrow again, I have been praying that he doesn't have to due time in Jail and that God will send someone to get through to Michael,as I said in one of my other post,I"ll never give up praying for my Grandson, I will not let Satan take over,I know Michael has a good heart and he"s paying dearly for drinking under age.
    I"m so glad to hear your son is doing so well.
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    Prayers are power and God’s word will not return to him void.

    My son Scott went through difficult times; he was very violent and destructive. I never had any control over him. Between the ages of 13-14, he started hanging out at pool halls and he wouldn’t come home until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, and he would always be drunk.

    He developed a terrible alcohol problem and he was always full of rage. He punched holes in doors and he damaged walls on a regular basis. He was extremely abusive to me. (Read my profile) I loved him dearly but I didn’t know how to handle him; he was so out of control that at times I had to call the police. At my request, he was put on probation, it helped for a little while but he always went back to the only life he knew.

    When he was underage, he was driving a four-wheeler across the main roads and into restricted areas. He led the cops on a chase and when he jumped the curb to escape through the woods his girlfriend fell off the bike but he kept going. Later that evening the police were waiting to arrest him.

    When he was in his teens, he had four pages of motor vehicle violations. He lost his license four or five times. I didn’t think he would ever drive again. There were numerous times he drove intoxicated, but he was arrested only once for DWI. He drove with suspended license, restricted license, and no license, it never matter to him one way or another he was going to do what he wanted. I didn’t think he would ever be allowed to drive again.

    Through all those years I never gave up praying for him, I knew he had a good heart he just had so many issues that he didn’t no how to deal with it all. Sometimes while he lay sleeping past out from drinking I would place my hand upon his head and pray for the blessing to fall upon his life. I never gave up and I became a prayer warrior, it paid off.

    Just the past 18- 24 months I began noticing a change taking place in his life. He began going to church. He didn’t go consistently at first but he seemed to enjoy it because it taught on all the bible had to offer, and it gave him hope for his life. He still had horrendous behavior towards me but I knew this was a big step and it would not be long before transformation would take place.

    I never doubted and I always said he was getting better, others family members couldn’t see the change and doubted, still I always spoke positive confessions into his life. Scott made tremendous progress. He started watching Christian shows and ordering Christian books, he watched the New Testament on DVD. He still had his addictions alcohol and smoking, and he would still stumble in early morning hours after drinking all night, and there were many times when he continued to become violent and out of control. He looked like he would never change, but I continued to pray binding the spirit of alcoholism on his life.

    About six months ago, I noticed another change-taking place; he was really trying to take control over his drinking and smoking. His behavior was getting better, and he was trying to control his outburst.

    Just three months ago, he lost his job and then he became totally immerse in the word of God. He signed up onto an evangelism course through the internet, he studied day and night non-stop. He began witnessing to people and he stopped drinking alcohol and smoking altogether. Praise God!

    Gradually he has been communicating with me more and more. He gave me flowers for my birthday. It’s been great!

    That is why I have placed this testimony here. For all to see the miraculous miracles God can do, and will do for anyone who has faith and knows how to operate in his laws.

    I hope everyone tuned in for “Changing Your World,” with Creflo Dollar because he is teaching on a powerful message that will change your life. Check out his web site.

    If you would like to visit my church the website is

    God bless all,


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    well Michael went to court and he only has to go to jail for over the week-end ,and then this is all behind him . He was so happy and is ready to look for another job.
    we"re going to let him stay in our motor home so he can try to catch a ride with someone if he can get on at a factory,till he gets his license back May 28th.
    praise God for answered prayers.
    and once again I just want to thank everyone for all the prayers. blessing, sixtyslady