Praise Report on Dr. Sherman and Linda...Keep praying!!

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    My thanks for all of you who have been praying for Dr. Sherman and Linda (see post title, Danny, Debbie,All).
    As I promised, I copied your prayers to E-mail and sent them off to him. Below are two replies, one for all of you who are praying and one he sent to family and friends.
    Please keep praying and also thanking God for the good news. I hope you will all be encouraged, because you are being an encouragement to others. What ever you post, I will email to him and Linda..Hugs, and may God multiply your blessings a hundred fold. THANK YOU JESUS!

    E-MAIL FROM DR. SHERMAN- Regarding the prayers you posted:

    Thanks! I will carry this down to Juarez tomorrow, and I think she will
    find it as encouraging as I do. To see specific people with specific
    words makes it all more real. I will keep you posted. In fact, I will
    forward to you what I sent this morning to church and family people.
    Yours in Christ,

    August 22, 2003

    Dear Praying Friends,

    Thanks for the prayers and cards and meals and other wonderful things
    being brought to us through the loving brothers and sisters at church
    and elsewhere!

    Linda has been at the clinic in Juarez for almost two weeks and plans to
    stay another week, then to return here for an important appointment on
    9/3, and then possibly to return to Juarez for a little longer. The
    girls and I are driving there tomorrow to stay until Sunday afternoon.

    Linda has not been feeling very well, having had a bad reaction to a
    combination of medicines more than a week ago and then some pain
    problems. On the other hand, she got a blood test cancer marker result
    that was encouraging but hard to believe, as it showed the marker having
    dropped from around 1200 (dangerously high and indicating continued high
    activity of the tumors) to 59, which is near remission. But different
    labs and different circumstances make comparison questionable; frankly,
    it seems too good to be true. But God could be at work there; we just
    have a wait-and-see attitude, I guess. For one thing, she is not
    feeling like she is doing that well. She has had a few hits of chemo,
    as part of the plan for this multi-faceted approach. But she hates the
    effect of it so much she is pretty much refusing to continue with it.
    Please pray about this, as it could be the right thing to do even if it
    feels so terrible, but on the other hand, Linda's instincts might be
    good: it might be wrong to kick her system down again through
    chemotherapy. So, as usual, we don't know much and just keep on
    walking. There are some great testimonies floating around, including
    one man who was there last week as a visitor-encourager, a person who
    was dying of lung cancer ten years ago but is healthy now. He lives in
    Albuquerque and is active in promoting alternative treatments to
    cancer. Still, even then you wonder sometimes if we are caught between
    two kinds of extremists. Dr. James (at the clinic) is a
    praising-the-Lord Christian and is not one-sided but open to many
    things; but the typical oncologist has no respect for much of what is
    being attempted, and many in the alternative therapy camp see the
    traditional oncologists in such a totally negative light that it is hard
    to know what to think.

    Thanks for your prayers and for being there.

    Jerry Sherman

    Isn't it great to see God's hand at work???
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    I pray that the Lord continues to bless them both and helps to keep the whole family safe traveling back and forth.

    Amen, Danny