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    Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me to find a therapist for PTSD. I have been searching and praying every step of the way, for the past six months.

    I found someone in a surprising way. I made contact with the very first therapist I had seen. I knew she has such a trustworthy, warm, safe, character. I called to ask her to help me assess where I am now, and for any guidance for options.

    I had stopped seeing her because there was a point at which therapy could not work with PTSD. And I am in the Severe category.

    But hooray, thanks be to God! In the time I have been away, she has been working with Severe PTSD, and has included many new techniques and helps! Wow, I'm so astonished. It's such a rare thing to have found someone I know and trust so deeply combined with the kind of therapy that is targeted just for my needs.

    God comes up with such wonderful ideas to help us in our needs! It was hard for me to keep putting everything in trust to his guidance everyday. Walking blindly step by step. But his imagination is so stunning and brilliant.

    So, thank you deeply for all who prayed for that long six months, as I asked here for prayer over and over again. Thank you for your faithful perseverance!

    And may God Bless everyone here with every need, and for every part of your lives.

  2. windblade

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    Thank you, Crystal. I have been struggling with Ptsd since early childhood, so this is a major survival thing for me to have a good, reliable therapist.

    Blessings to you,

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    You "sound" so much better ! This is wonderful news and it shows that God works in our lives in ways that show that He has been working in our life all along.

    God Bless you , and the prayers will keep coming your way !

  4. windblade

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    Holly, I really appreciate your continued prayers. It's going to be difficult, as the pain and fear arise, to work through it. I thank God that my therapist is so trustworthy, and safe!

    thank you again for those continued prayers!

  5. windblade

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    Crystal, I'm so sorry that you too struggle with ptsd! It is so, so, difficult to deal with. Yes, so many symptoms can come up everyday.

    I have had a dear, precious friend for 37 years who has ptsd from Vietnam, and also he had a horrible childhood. As soon as I talk to him, it's as if we are speaking the same language. When so much I feel that people can't hear or interpret my language - trying to express my reality.

    People try to understand - but the whole self is affected in such a strong way by trauma.

    I will be working with an EMDR based therapy. It reaches different parts of the brain than talk therapy does, and you work with re-processing the trauma as it comes up.

    I've just finished reading two books on EMDR, and I'm astonished at what it can accomplish.

    I will keep you in my prayers Crystal, everyday. I feel a special comradeship with those who struggle with the wounds of PTSD.

    May God bless you, and bring healing to you.

  6. windblade

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    Hi BT,

    I so appreciate your prayers! I have worked on these issues of PTSD for decades. I'm only willing to try again because I've found a new, different kind of therapy. So, it can also be scary at times. But, I also feel it's an adventure.

    I'm kind of astonished how God worked all this out. I went way beyond my comfort level - to stretch myself out in trust -leaving it to his wisdom and his knowledge of me - his knowing of my future - so many details.

    Praying for you too - for any and all issues in your life. For happiness, and all that you need.
    May God bless you greatly!
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    I understand very well the struggles and sufferings of Vietnam Vets. from sharing so closely with my friend for all these 30 years. I went without meds. until I was 40, then because of a crisis, learned how helpful they could be to me in managing depression, anxiety, etc.

    Will keep your husband in my prayers too. The vets did such a great job of bringing PTSD out into the open, and educating people about it.

    Thank you so much for praying that my therapy will go well! At my level of illness with CFS, I feel that this will be my last try. It takes literally 2 days after even a phone therapy to recuperate. The 'post-exertion fatigue' , and then 3 days in bed from an in-person visit.

    So, I'm really putting everything I have into it.

    May God Bless you and bring healing into all areas of your life! Amen

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    Sorry I got your name letters mixed up last night - my brain was way foggy.

    Good for you for not going back to that creepy doctor who totally didn't understand CFS. What a putdown! I've gained weight also from CFS, and it's very hard for me to exercise without pulling muscles. I'm still determined to try to work with light stretching. Last night I hurt my sciatica nerve, I think from standing too long. Ouch, it's a thick nerve.

    Also, though, if you have ptsd, I'm sure you will be dealing with issues like depression, and other things.

    The therapy I am doing now is called EMDR. The kind I am involved in is in an 11 part series, and it works with the brain, and nervous system where trauma is stored, and the goal is to bring up the trauma, and work with lessening and reprosessing it.

    My therapist is going very carefully, because I have extreme ptsd, and I need to move slowly and safely. I wouldn't attempt this with any other therapist, because trust is of major importance. I'm just at the beginning stages, so I can tell you more as I proceed.

    Two great books I've just read are 'Emotional Healing at Warp Speed: The Power of EMDR', David Grand, and 'EMDR: The Breakthrough Therapy for Overcoming Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma by Francine Shapiro.

    It was thrilling to read all the stories of clients with all kinds of traumas, and the results that they had.

    The therapy for ptsd should not be the simple 'bilateral stimulation' only, but a careful, integrated, safe program.

    I know it sounds like a lot of gobbledygook at first - there is a lot to learn about the process.

    I've also received a lot of help from therapy in the past in : learning to trust again; telling my story for the first time to someone, and understanding it. Learning to be kinder, and more compassionate to myself. Choosing healthier relationships instead of the horrible ones I grew up with.

    It's very exciting now, because what therapists didn't know decades ago when I started searching for healing, there is more of a pool of knowledge to work with now.

    I hope I didn't bombard you with too much information.

    I'll be praying for you - for all your family situations, and relief and happiness for yourself.

    May God keep growing you into knowing his love.

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    My friend was in Vietnam, I think in 1972 - on. I'm not positively sure of that date. I know he was only 19 at the time! He was in one of the worst battles of "friendly fire". My cousins went too, and so many friends. That was my age group.

    I am so proud of my friend for all the years he has battled ptsd, and what he has made of his life. Amazingly, when he went on his first visit to the V.A. , his therapist had a picture of him and his buddies on her wall! It was the most amazing thing to happen that of all the pictures from Vietnam - that one was there.

    He was so fortunate in finding one of the pioneers in the field of ptsd. An excellent, excellent woman and the best in therapists.

    It's strange how my friend and I have so many similar symptoms - mine from childhood abuse, but a lot is the same.

    He calls me his war-buddy because he knows what I battle- what I have survived, and how hard I have fought for my healing.

    Have been praying for your husband, and for you.

    It's really my faith and trust in God's love and care that have helped me through allthe years!!!

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    This therapy sounds so amazing....I read your post, and also read on the net about it. I am at the point of trying hypnosis, but this sounds even better! Hypnosis really does scare me, although the person I will be going to is wonderful.....she deals with a lot of troubled kids, and has had great results. Her way of doing this is also quicker than conventional therapy, and I tend to "hide" things from my past with a therapist.

    Having a lot of faith in your therapist means a much better chance of this working for you, and I also understand the pstd...although I wasn't diagnosed with it, because even with therapy I was too embarrassed to say much about my past. But yes, I know the jumping and running with fear at a simple sound, or wanting to curl myself into a ball when people can be so cruel, or simply "shutting down" to protect myself.

    Please share with us the outcome of this treatment....I think there are many here who could benefit from your success.

    I pray God will give you the strength you need to attend the sessions, and the peace of mind that you seek. Wishing you all the best on your new journey! God bless***Jole***
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    Hi - I used to be afraid of hypnosis too, and would never think about trying it for many years. Now I will be using it as part of my therapy - EMDR can incorporate many different, good kinds of therapy. Now I understand that I'm really in control with hypnosis. That used to be one of my fears.

    I actually moved into it very gently, and naturally with my last therapist; able to connect with parts of myself that were lost to trauma. This enabled me to love and nurture myself more, and it felt very safe!

    That's so great that you found someone that you feel is wonderful. Good for you! It's so important to our healing to share as completely as we can - as we know the person is trustworthy. Sometimes I feel like I'm taking a high dive into icy water when I do that. But then, so much more healing is possible.

    I'm astonished at EMDR - if you want to explore further, David Grand's book that I mentioned earlier, is so exciting. I find myself so cheering for every patient, and so rejoicing in their healings. Also, EMDR is used now around the world in troubled spots of war, and disasters, as humanitarian aid. I'm just reading about that now.

    Thank you, Jole, for your prayers and encouragement!!! Do you know, I think that God is powerfully answering the many prayers we all prayed on the 'Depression' thread that Tiggy started a while back.

    May God Bless your healing, and be strongly with you and your therapist, reaching with his love, deep into your being.


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    Patti, thank you so much for your prayers! The responses here have been so loving and encouraging. I feel that the prayers that everyone here are praying for me will enable me to get the best out of my therapy venture.

    Surely, God led me here, to a place and person that I didn't even know had the skills and expertise to help me.

    It was hard walking step by step, really leaving all in God's hands. If I snatched it all back, LOL, I resolutely put it back in his hands, not knowing at all what the outcome would be.

    I think that's what enabled God to give me such an unexpected, rich and full opportunity.

    And I am so thankful to everyone who prayed me through that time, and for all the prayer support now. Praise God!

    Blessings to you, and yours!