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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Sunshyne1027, Jan 14, 2004.

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    My friend Wanda with Cancer visited earlier today. We had dinner together with my boys, and husband. Then we played some board games, one in particular she showed me how to play...Rummikub. Its a fun fun game. Got one of my boys the game for Christmas. She is doing alot better too these days. She is going back into the hospital this coming Friday. For another round of Chemo. Not sure how long she will stay. But she is strong. She just showed up at the door, surprised me like heck! She is wearing a hat made by volunteers, because she lost all her hair. But the hat looks so cute on her. We opened the bible and read some together too. Was a very nice evening.

  2. Sunshyne1027

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    Debbie, thank you so much! I will be printing it out and taking it to her. Dropping her off at the hospital in the morning to be admitted again. Then, off to be with my husband in surger, he is haveing the neck surgery that was rescheduled from back in Novemeber.

    God Bless!! Sunshyne
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    That is wonderful news about Wanda, and I am so glad to hear she is out and about.
    After I read your post I thought how grand it would be if everyprayer that God answers would cause a new flower to bloom and how many wonderful fields of flowers we would walk through everyday....
    I makes me feel so good to know that I have prayed for someone and I see the answers to those prayers. I know that most of us are really built up in our faith when we hear about things like this. thank you for sharing it.

    Please tell Wanda, we will continue in our prayers.