PraisingHim about your food allergy testing Mon

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    Just wondering how your test went yesterday.

    If you have to wait for the results, how long?'

    What did they do for the testing?

    Let me know,
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    Hello. I actually had the test today (Wed.). I went in Monday for other bloodwork and found out it would be 9 tubes of blood, so they did some Monday and the food allergy test today. All they do is draw blood and send it to the smokey mountain diagnostic lab (something like that). It will take a couple of weeks to get it back. The lady there said almost everyone comes back showing some type of allergy, but the test also shows how allergic we are.....mild or severe. Hope this helps! If you have any more questions start a new thread, just in case this one gets lost. Have blessed day!
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    Did you find any success with Great Smokies Lab's results? I read a study that says two out of the three labs have eighty percent error margins...Is Great Smokies the reliable one? I am supposed to have the 88 foods tested too but I have to pick a lab...any advice? Did it help you to feel better and get answers?
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    The Great Smokey Lab is the one my doctor's office uses. He said the test is about 80% reliable. My test showed up a reaction to all dairy products (3), soy (3), peanut butter,ect. I was shocked and had no idea! I have had more energy lately, but I am also on supplements, so it's hard to know what is effecting what, you know? Have a blessed day!