Pray Fo My Daughter and Granddaughter

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  1. greatgran

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    My daughter has lost her job, about to lose her house..She is a single Mom and having a lot of trouble with her daughers...Plus raising her 2 grandchildren most of the time..

    The oldest is 24 has two children,also a singel mom, is more interested in parting than the children and I am afraid she may be an alcholic..The 16 year old just walked out of her house last night and hasn't returned home..

    It just seems its one thing after another with my daughter and her children..She is not well herself and had to take methadone..Her husband was killed in a car accident about 10 years ago, which took everything they had..

    She has been struggling for so long and has a lot of faith but prayers would be appreciated..

    Thank you and God Bless,

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  2. mimimurch4

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    I am so sorry to hear about your daughter losing her job and possibly losingher house. Also am so sorry about the problems she is having with her children. Sometimes it just seems that whenit hits, everything hits. I will certainly put your entire family on my prayer list and pray for them daily in their situation. I know that this has to be hard on you with your illness. Please try to not stress out to bad and get your illness flared up.

    I pray that your entire family will feel God's presence and just know that He can and does answer prayers!
    I Believe that!

    God's Blessings,
  3. greatgran

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    God Bless you and thank you so much for your prayers..

    I know my problems could be much worse as I have read of so many bad things happening to others requesting prayer but when it comes to seeing your children suffer, struggle and not live right it pulls at your heart strings..

    God is in Control, love and prayers to you..
  4. mimimurch4

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    I understand exactly what you mean. I have four children ranging from 19-30 yrs and 4 grandchildren. So far nothing major has happened with any of them or their families. All are married except the 19 yr old daughter who still lives at home and works and goes to college to be an RN. She needs prayer right now because she and boyfriend of 3 yrs have just broken up and she says she loves him and he told her he did not still love her. I don't think he ever did. He is 1 yr older than her but several yrs younger in maturity. She is really going through a hard time today and I'm sure for the next several weeks.

    My children and grandchildren, and hubby of course, are my life, next to God. So I can sympathize with you totally.
    Will keep you all in prayers.

    Please pray for my Hannah.

  5. mimimurch4

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    How are things going with your family now? Just checking on you. Still have your family in my prayers, just wanted you to know that.

    Hugs In Christ,
  6. greatgran

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    Thank you so much for your prayers..My 16 yr old is home and safe, for now..Long story..

    Have been upset and now my CFS is in a full crash so will write more later..

    Each of you and the pray list are in my prayers...

    May God Bless,

  7. mimimurch4

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    How are things going with your daughter and her children?
    I have not been on board for several days, not feeling well myself, but feeeling better and wanted to know an update on situation.

    Please keep me informed.

    Love in Christ,
  8. greatgran

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    Thank you so much for your prayers and concern..My 16 yr old is doing very well and is sorry for her actions..But the 23 yr old with the 2 children is doing her "thing" so to speak..

    She is in with the wrong crowd, drinks to much and I am sure drugs may be involved..My daughter is keeping her children as we do not want them to live in that situation..My granddaughter didn't work three days last week, out with her friends parting or whatever..missing work when her mother is in such a state financially.

    It breaks my heart the way she ignores the precious little ones..They are 5 and 3..We keep hoping she will change but this has gone off and on for 5 years..

    I managed to come up with enough money to make my daugters house payment and get some food for them..

    Today I went and got the little ones and took then out for awhile..Their dad is in jail, my granddaughter never married him, he doesn't care for the children and I don't think my granddaughter does..

    They are safe and secure with my daughter and I will try to help as much as possible..

    I am considering contacting an attorney this week and seek some advice as to what to do..about my daughter getting custody of the little ones..It is so hard to take the children away from a mom without a lot of prove not just she says he says...Then my daugher being out of work not sure how that will go over..

    The five year old told me yesterday, that her mom acted like a kid and she didn't want to be around her and her drinking..It is so sad..

    We put my granddaughter thru school, and she has a good job as a dental assistant but she only wants to be with her little ones when its convient for her..

    Sorry, for rambling as I am not much of a writer..

    Prayers are still needed especially for guidance about what to do for and with the little ones...

    God Bless,

  9. Busyknitter2

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    I am so sorry to hear about your grnddaughters and greatgranddaughters.

    My beautiful granddaughters mom did not want her from the time she was conceived but could not find the money for an abortion. My son found out she was pregnent and for a while it seemed that things where going to work out. They got married and after a year she cheated on him with his best friend. She never was close to Alexis and used every excuse to not be around her and said many time that she wished that Alexis had never been born. My son finally told her to leave and he kept the baby.

    To make a long story short he got custody of Alexis. She was ordered to pay $65 a week in child support. She is now over $6000 behind. She has not seen her daughter since 6/19/2006. Her doings not my sons. We even found out that one of her boy friends was sent to prision for molesting his own children.

    I am sorry that I went on about this. It is so hard for me to believe that there are mothers who do not wnat their children.

    Your beautiful great grandbabies are very lucky to have you and their grandmother to love and care for them. You all are in my prayers.

    God bless; Pam
  10. mimimurch4

    mimimurch4 New Member

    First of all, I am very concerned about your health during all of this family unrest. Are you taking care of yourself? You said you were having flare. Are you still in it? Please do not hurt yourself from the stress. Lay this all at God's feet and let go of it. He is sufficient.

    This does definitely sound like a very difficult situation that I certainly don't have answers for. It is sad situation for sure. I will certainly keep your entire family in my prayers, praying that God will just wrap all of you up and conmfort you and give you a peace. Maybe the one with the drinking problem might need to go to rehab? Is that a possibility?

    Will check in on you later, but know that I am praying for all of you. So glad that the 16 yr old came home! That was scary!

    Love in Christ,
  11. greatgran

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    Pam, sorry to hear about your grandchild..Thank you for your prayers and reply..I will keep you in mine. You must be so proud of your son..These precious children its so unfair they suffer..

    Mimi, Thank you so much for your prayers and concerns..Its hard to not push when your family needs you..Seems no matter how I feel I will try to keep going for the little ones.. My body is telling me to rest as the pain and fatigue is so bad I just drag..

    I am going to a specialist Friday if able to get there, he is two hours away, my doctor wanted me to see him as he thinks there is something else going on..So maybe I will have some answers if not nothing to lose...

    God Bless you both your replies and prayers mean so much,
  12. MsE

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    Dear Friend,

    My prayers for you and your family will be offered this morning when I go to church. God bless all of you and please, Greatgran, take care of yourself. Please? MsE

  13. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    With all you are going thru how thoughtful of you to reply and pray for my family..

    God Bless you. I think and pray for you everyday...

    I just found out this morning my granddaughter is on cocaine, so I feel I have no other choice but to try to see someone and protect the precious children..

    Thanks, Love and Prayers,
  14. MsE

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    Of course you must do what you can for the little ones. Children always come first because they cannot protect themselves. God bless you! Warm hugs and prayers as promised. MsE
  15. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thank you for your prayers and reply..I am so sorry your family had to go through all that with your sister..It is heart breaking..

    It is so sad what drugs can do..I will keep you and your family in my prayers especially for the little one...

    I do pray and won't give up hope for my granddaughter but for now I want what is best for the precious little ones..

    If it wasn't for this illness I would take them and raise them myself, but unable to do so, I thank God that my daughter is trying so hard to give them a good home and protect them...

    God BLess you and your family,
  16. kellyann

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    I hope your daughter gets to keep the little ones. I don't know what state you live in, but here in GA you can file for custody through the juvenile court, it's called Gurdianship by deproveriance, or something like that.

    It only cost $150.00 to file, it is best to have a lawyer, but you can do it yourself if you can't afford one.

    I know because I am going through a bad custody battle right now over my own grand daughter. My son and his girlfriend (baby's mom) are heavy into drugs and won't work. You can read my posts if you want to read up on it.
    I have had the baby since Dec23rd, 2006. I flew out to Missourri, where the parents where living with my exhusband
    because of the way they said the baby was being treated. I believe with my whole heart that if the baby hadn't been with me this past year, she would be either dead or suffering irrepairable damage, becauses the mother is very violent and bipolar. She gets up screaming every night and beats my son for no reason.

    I have domestic violence reports on both my son and the mother, plus tons of other evidence, hoping to prove that the mother is unfit to raise my grand daughter. She had a baby before that was taken by DFACS. She never got that baby back.

    It is sad that I had to take her away from her parents. But I had no choice. I had to keep her safe. I did not ask for this. God knows I am so sick, but I will do whatever I have to do. I will fight as hard as I have to, and I'll never ever give up.

    I will be praying for you, please pray for my little grandbaby Kaylie also!

    Take Care!
  17. MsE

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    I tucked your needs into my prayer pouch again this evening. Love, MsE
  18. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    KellyAnn, my prayers are with you . Sorry you are having to go thru this..Thank God your precious granddaughter has you..Please keep me posted on how things are going..

    Well, an update on my granddaugher...She is behind on her bills, her work has been cut back..but she is still up to her old tricks..

    My daughter has had the children most of the time..When my granddaughter wants them she stops by and gets them for awhile..She did go with the little great one on a school field trip Friday..

    Then Friday afternoon she took them back to my daughters and told her she would be right back, well she shows up 2 days later..

    I am sure it has something to do with drugs ...

    Nothing has been done yet about the custody cause my daughter is afraid she will take them and leave with who knows who or how..This has happened once before ..

    My daughter has been through one custody battle with the 5 yr old and lost so for now she is just keeping them and we are trying to make sure they have what they need and are ok..

    Its so hard to get a child away from their mother in the state of VA..

    My daughter is going to talk to her minister then a lawyer before we involve social services , cause here in this town they are a big joke..

    Thanks for your post and prayers,I do keep praying she will change...

  19. greatgran

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    Well, my granddaughter is still doing her thing..This Friday, she left the children with my daughter and said she would be back in a few minutes..

    Around noon on Sun. she did manage a call..

    Meanwhile, on Sat. I was out looking for her, drove by her apartment and her door was standing open..I went in, you could tell that had been a wild party there..

    I saw a purse on a chair, went thru it and found my cell phone and granddaughter's wallet..She had 400 dollars cash in it..which I think she was saving for her car payment..Not knowing to lock her apartment or not or what had happened to her I took the money..

    Now, I need prayers and advise as to what to do..She was so out of it this weekend, she didn't realize her money was missing till today..She thinks she lost it or one of her so called friends stole it..

    My daughter lost her job because of caring for the children is a widow and still has a 15 yr old at home..I took food over for them this weekend so the children would have food..

    I am thinking of holding on to the money and see how my granddaughter does this week and weekend..or save it for the children for Christmas as I am sure she will be broke..

    She hasn't mention the money to us but she did to her 15 yr old sister..she did say it was her car payment money..

    When I talked to her today I ask her if she had made her car payment and she said yes, which is a lie..

    So, sorry for rambling but what to do, please and advice and prayers would be most appreciated...

    Thank you so much

    God Bless,

    P.S. My daughter did contact The Child Protective Service Today.. and I called the lawyer but still no return calls..
  20. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thank you so much..You are right cause I have felt so guilty over doing what I did..If she charges me with theft then so be it..

    I am going down there now..

    Thanks and God Bless,