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  1. Bitzy is my 5 year old son's puppy. She is about 6 months old, and is a miniature terrior (not pure bred, but pure of heart). We took her in to the vet quiet emergently this morning after a night of vomiting, and watery stools that looked like nothing but blood.
    She has parvo and the vet says she may very well die. We went back this evening so she could see Andrew, (the vet said to bring him often so Bitzy can see her "boy"), and there has been no change to speak of. She is getting IV fluids, and is so weak that when she vomits, she has to be moved out of the mess because she can't move herself. Andrew is so sick with worry, ....and so am I..
    May seem like a trivial prayer request in the scope of things, but to us, it's loosing a friend if she dies..
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  2. Harmony

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    I sure will pray for Bitzy and you and Andrew.
    I know pets are special to a family and it must be especially hard for your little guy.
    We lost a special dog and it was hard as they become part of your family.
    I pray God will give you and Andrew extra comfort and peace during this time and that Bitzy will have a recovery.

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  3. Shirl

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    I will be glad to pray for your little Bitzy, and your little Andrew too. Please try to let Andrew visit him as much as possible, I am a dog lover, and know what wonders the owner can do for the sick pup just knowing he is there, its ashame you can't bring him home!

    I will continue to pray for him, and you please let us know how he is doing.

    After all, they are God's creatures too!

    God Bless Bitzy and Andrew too.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. There is an update on the fibro board. I apologize for not posting here jsut now, but am pushed for time, and wanted you all to hear the latest about her...\Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers...don't stop yet!
    much love,