Pray for Caffey

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    I know we already had a thread for this but it was getting rather long and the information was changing so much. Caffey contacts Bandwoman and I and one of us will certainly keep everyone up to date on her condition as we know it.

    Personally, I have a heavy heart right now about her situation and feel the need to pray even more for God to open up a bed for her to be admitted as soon as possible. I ask that all of you join me in prayer for her. We all have experienced the power of prayer in our lives at some point and know that when we're together in prayer God is there also.

    Heavenly Father we love you and give you all praise and glory. We thank you for your blessings that you pour out in abundance. Father our sister Caffey is not doing well and we ask that she feel your presence and that it give her the strength she needs. We ask that you open the doors necessary for her to receive the medical treatment she needs. Lord we know that you are the great physician and gift so many people to be your eyes, ears and hands in the field of medicine so that they can do your will for others. Provide Caffey with one of your servants who can also comfort her as well as treat her physical problems. We thank you Lord that your love for us has no bounds and that you have Caffey in the palm of your hand. We ask these things in the name of Jesus. AMEN

    Everyone feel free to add your prayers to this thread for Caffey to read when she can. Thanks so much for your love and support.

    TN Nancy
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    for Cath.

    Lord, I know that one of the biggest desires of Cath's heart is to serve you on the mission field. She has been believing you for a complete healing. She has suffered so much for months and still reaches out to others even though most of the time she is feeling poorly.

    She is in a crisis right now and I am asking Lord that you move heaven and earth to get her a hospital bed. Her immune system is really down and I pray that you would put a hedge of protection around her when she is admitted to protect her from any germs that might be lurking in that hospital.

    We ask that you come to her right now and give her peace in this awful waiting time. I ask for peace for her son as well. I know that he is very concerned for his mom.

    Father, your word tells us that if two or more are gathered together in agreement you are in the midst of them and will hear their prayer. Please hear our pray, Lord and answer on behalf of one of your children.

    Cath, we all love you and are praying for you and sitting with you during this crisis. Hang on and know that you are supported, cared for and loved on this board.

    Nancy, IL
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    for Cath. The last I read here she was heading to the hospital. I haven't had much energy to be on here and am stunned that she is still waiting for a bed! I will catch up on previous posts.

    Just want you to know that I am praying for Cath. She is such a special person. I am terribly saddened by this.

    Love, Pepper
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    Dear Manager

    What a beautiful prayer of course I will pray for Caffey. I am so sorry she is going through so much

    God Bless you for being there


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    please add my thoughts and prayers for healing. I can not add anything to the lovely prayers already written here. Just put in my hugs and blessings and pleas for recovery, diagnosis and health.
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    I stand in agreement with the prayers of Nancy TN, and Nancy IL, I felt the presence of God just reading them.

    I have been lifting your name to the Lord.

    And as Pam said, we all love you Cath, praying God intervenes mightily in this time for you.

    In Christ Jesus

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    Dear Lord, I join in the prayers with my other sisters here. I thank you for Your total and complete love for Cath. We ask that you would be with her in every step she is taking, in every breath she breathes. Please saturate her with Your presence, Lord.

    Please bring her peace in the midst of this trial, and care for her through every part of the medical proceedures.

    We ask this in Your precious name, Jesus.