Pray for DD needing any JOB and DIL for successful pregnancy !

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    Dear All,

    Thought this might be a good place to ask for prayers for two needy family members. My #3 DD is needing a job NOW and really doesn't have lots of common sense. She is looking for the best job in her field when she would be looking for anything to pay her bills and rent. She is divorced and right now the kids are her x's, not the best place possibly but better than with her situation. I told her at this point I would be cleaning toilets. She is also planning on moving to another apt. next month which will be a little more expensive.- Good grief ! It is a long story so that is all I can say right now.:(

    Got some also WONDERFUL news last night from DS and DIL who is finally pregnant again. She is high risk, has had other problems and miscarriages and I wrote some about it on the Porch if you want to look. Hoping she can get through the 1st trimester with no problems and the rest too. They were in the process of trying to adopt and may still do that but after this birth goes A- OK !! They have been married about 11 years and have been trying for so long. The last baby didn't develop at all. They actually heard the heart beat in the dr's office, this time. I guess it was yesterday but not sure. They are only telling family and close friends at this point.

    Don't know if anyone here is also on FB but please do not mention. I have been warned :)!!! LOL

    Thanks in advance for any prayers and positive thoughts sent out. Sorry I don't get on to this board often enough.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Dear Granni - so happy to pray for your DD and DIL. I read all the details on your porch post.

    I can understand why your DIL and son want to keep the news private since it's so early, and her history. My precious God-daughter went through many similar losses - so heartbreaking. But she persevered and ended up with two healthy beautiful children. So courageous.

    I put a note on my desk for your family - to lift up a prayer as I go by. Also, a close friend of mine, a nun, prays each day for every member of PH! I am so enormously thankful for that.

    Also praying for your DD's situation - work and family. I always pray for the whole person. God in his loving intimacy cares about all the intricate parts of our selves - our lives. I hold on to that.

    Yes, may our precious Lord pour out his unending, tender, wise love on all in your family. Especially those in most need.

    With love,
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    Dear Judy,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful understanding and love. I appreciate it so much and I am sure they ALL would to if they knew you.

    BTW, DD is also going to AA and I guess staying away from the stuff. Now with no job and youngest son with the father ( what he has wanted all along and he also had numerous DUI's but never went for help) . He also has the middle son who has numerous LD's.

    God bless you too Judy for all the love and prayers you share with HIM and us all. More later sweetie !!

    Hugz and blessings to you and ALL,
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    Dear Granni - have been praying for your DIL and DD.

    Thinking about your daughter - I know that working the program at AA takes a lot of courage and strength. I admire her for doing that, and hope she will persevere. It is such a powerful, healing program!

    Thank you for the beautiful post above:) It was heartwarming to me.

    Love, Judy
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    Thanks again Judy. We have set up a meeting on Saturday with some of the closer family. This is not going to be easy for any of us. Just hope it works out and at least they let her stay in the apartment awhile while she looks for work. Not sure what is going to happen.

    Haven't been able to talk to DIL since they told us the news and so I guess all is going OK. I will try and update as things go on.

    Weaning now off the Prednisone has not been easy this time . I still take one pill 2x a day for a couple more days. It is killing my head. I already have enough problems with pain in my head. Will try a chiro tomorrow with some tests
    on a special and we will see what he has to say after the consultation. I can't afford a lot of extra stuff on good old Medicare. We will see and thanks again for your thoughts and prayers for a all dear ones.

    Love ya,
  6. windblade

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    Granni -praying extra for your family gathering on Saturday. It's been on my mind.

    God bless,
  7. Granniluvsu

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    Judy - Thanks so much for your sweet thoughtfulness in this situation. Not exactly sure what to expect with all this. Hope all goes well and there are NO BIG surprises. The whole thing that she was going to AA and told us that she was an alcoholic was a big enough surprise. We knew there were these tendencies much earlier on and her x husband was the one with all the problems that I knew of, early on. I am sure he still drinks his beer and he had enough DUI's.

    I think she perhaps tried to hold the kids together when he finally left years ago , even though they sort of shared the kids back and forth, and then when she lost her job again recently and such it probably hit her with all the stress. We will see what happens tomorrow. Now the kids (the 2 youngest is with the x and oldest is working and living at the other Grandfather's home). She is by herself and probably missed the boys too.

    Keep up the prayers, it means a lot. Everyone will not be there. Some are to far away and DIL will be gone to be away from the situation. Not good for her with being pregnant and her having a stressful pregnancy anyway. It will be in our sons home and he said he is having some problems that are work related so his brain may not be fully with it either. What a group :)!!

    Hugz and blessings,
    Granni :)
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    Granni - maybe if you and others in family could encourage yourDD to keep with the AA program, that could do a lot of good! I hope she has a good sponsor to turn to. That is one of the keys to success with AA. I think it took a lot of courage to reveal this to the family.

    From everything I've heard from people I trust and admire, AA is a great source of strength and healing! The spiritual aspects, the honesty and support, the sharing, not feeling alone and overwhelmed are tremendous healers.

    I don't know your family, but maybe your DD has felt ashamed to tell you about this problem. I'm praying today for clarity and wisdom, and the love Jesus always had for those who were struggling and suffering.

    Lifting up prayers for your grandchildren too. Are they okay?

    Praying for much sacred love to saturate your family.

    Love, Judy
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    Thanks for your sweet words again !!!

    Not much to say as DD screwed up and had the wrong day and didn't show !!! In between our motem died and her phone was disconnected, or at least partially I think. Now, who knows what will happen. She wants another date but our eldest, the most organized one, is so busy and frustrated too I am sure and say maybe in Sept. Not sure of DH and I will make another trip for while and not sure if little brother (the one whose wife is now expecting). Not sure if our son will be wanting to try for another meeting any time soon or not. However, he was super busy this weekend and will be working this week to on a special work project. He has his own stress.

    I think she plans on staying with AA which is a good idea I know even though I am not sure if all are giving her all the correct advice about job looking . She doesn't need the perfect job, just a job to put food in her mouth and a roof over her head for right now.\

    Finally got our new motem replaces so we can do the computer and listen to some TV even though TV isn't the big thing on my list any more. I do like some of the shows though. SOME of the new ones stink I think - sorry :)!