pray for flood victims in New York

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  1. SPR30

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    I got an email from my friend Connie in Mohawk,New York.
    So far she and her father have had water in their basement, but they are able to pump it out.
    The local dam is in danger of giving way. Let's pray that things get no worse. I hope lives and homes are spared.
    Thank you for caring! Stacey
  2. lovethesun

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    That they mogh not lose too months.Linda
  3. Asatrump

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    Thank you Stacy for mentioning the flooding and problems. My son lives in the small town that has been most effected in Binghamton. His home is on the side of a mountain. He worked many hours this spring making stone channels so the water didn't run down the mountain and into his basement. Praise for that.

    Yesterday he had great trouble getting home, his regular routes were flooded and closed. There are two hospitals in Binghamton and one was evacuated. Roads have collapsed, things are a mess.

    He told me that yesterday afternoon he took his four wheeler to the top of his mountain and looked below. The shopping plaza that contains his doctor, his grocery and his favorite Chinese take out had water to the tops of the doors.

    Binghamton is 7 miles north of the PA border. Places in the Catskills are also in danger, especially where two rivers converge. If my mind were not so fogged in I could tell you the proper names of the rivers and places. Nearly 11 pm and not one of my finer days.

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  4. windblade

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    Lifting up prayers for all the people who are affected by the flooding. For their safety. And for all the difficulties and danger, may God help them in every way.
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    I have friends in Binghamton, NY. I am worried about them too. I wish I could take some of the water off their hands and put it on my farmer husbands fields. We need that water.