Pray for hubby and I....

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Msdeana, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Msdeana

    Msdeana New Member

    Hubby and I were married this year on May 5th, this is his fourth marriage, as last two spouses have died of health problems. It is my third and will be my last one. Hubby is a kind gentle religious man, what I call a keeper.

    We are going through some trying times and the devil is trying his best to break us apart. I have some unresolved anger due to past abuse (I am in therapy too) and he has some unresolved issues as well. We have been working together and praying that things will move on. But we are in a rut. Lately though tempers flare and angry words are said. And we just could not figure out how to move on.

    We decided long ago if we have problems and cannot work throught them we wont give up and seek help. So we decided to seek councelling as its best to have help on this to make this marriage survive.

    I am also trying to get SSDI/SSI and have been turned down for the 5th time. I had moved so the process kind of started over and I have the necessary information needed to get it, its just a matter of time. However, I am exhuasted and tired of fighting, I leave it in the Lord's hands as he knows what is best and can fight better then me.

    Pray that we find a church home too, we live in mid-western Tennessee. I know that is something needed to keep us going and to make us both stable and happier.

    Well I will close before I bore you to sleep or me to tears. Praise the Lord as I know he will answer this prayer.

  2. caffey

    caffey New Member

    Father You know all about the struggles that this couple is having. I ask could You please come into the middle of their situation and do an absolute miracle. Please bring healing and forgiveness where it is needed. Please cement them together with Your unshakable love. Please help them to let go of the past and to move to the present. Please intervene in this situation with her pension. Please open the doors that need to be opened. Please give this lady favor where it is needed. Please also provide a church for them where they can be healed, comforted and restored and in turn they can be a blessing to others. A church where they will be able to worship You and come to love You more. Father I place them in Your hands and I thank you for all the good things that You are going to in their lives and the lives they will be able to touch as a result of what You have done for them. So Lord thanks In Jesus Name Amen.
  3. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    and leads you down the right path to get the help you need.Linda
  4. dejovu

    dejovu New Member

    Dearest Father, protect this family from evil. Give them strength to grow in Your will.

    Show them Your path for their lives. Teach them to trust in You and one another and let go of the past lives issues.

    Remind them that they have been reborn and the past is gone forever as we all need to be reminded of this.

    But mostly fill them with Your love, that they may know how to love one another completely.

    I ask this in Jesus Name. amen
  5. kgangel

    kgangel New Member

    Hi Deana

    I will pray for you and your husband

    I too, have problems remembering past abuse and have a wonderful husband now, that I don't want to lose. It is a struggle at times though keeping my feelings under control

    God Bless you both


  6. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    I will pray for your situation , your marriage and your life. You are facing a lot of things all at one time, am sure that is making everything even worse.

    Prayers sweetie. Try and hang on.
  7. Msdeana

    Msdeana New Member

    When things get rough and it seems like there is no end to the struggle and torment that I am enduring, my prayers go up and my faith stands steadfast. I am trying with faith to be strong. I-we are also going getting some councelling (that believes in Faith etc) as we will not give up this fight and the devil will not win! Thanks for all your prayers! Deana

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