Pray for me as I return to work

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  1. jill5050

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    Hello friends,
    Please keep me in prayer today as I go back to work full-time, after a few weeks summer break. I work in a school with special ed. kids that I love very much.

    Please keep me in prayer throughout the school year. We need my income and I love my job!

    Lord, please help continue your healing in my body. I pray that I wake up with praise on my lips for you. Lord, please chase the negative, critical, anxious thoughts from my head, I know they do not come from you. Lord, I ask that you fill me with bountiful energy to work all day and cook dinners, clean, and run the kid taxi, please fill my nights with restorative sleep. I ask these things in your precious name, AMEN!

    As you can tell I am a bit anxious today, please keep me in prayer for continued good health, and energy.

    I'll miss y'all while I am at work. I'll check back as often as possible. I keep all of you in my prayers. I pray for the LOrd to touch all of you and relieve pain----also to work through researchers, scientists, doctors, find a cure! It will happen.

    Hugs and blessings,
  2. Scoobsmom

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    and prayers. May you lay down each night to a peaceful rest. In Christ.
  3. grge

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    that God will touch you in a very special way and provivde for all your needs.
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  4. jill5050

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    Hi Dixie,
    Thanks for checking on me. I worked all day Tuesday, 1/2 day Wed. and all day today and will work all day tomorrow. The first day the kids were back was today. My job is good in the fact that it mixes sitting, standing, and walking. I think too much of one wouldn't be good.

    The problem is I can't regulate when I do what. Like today no breaks, just a short lunch. I told my supervisor that I had FM and she and the other lady I work with said Oh really? Do you just live on alieve? Then that was it. It's just like everyone else, they just want you to be OK, so that it doesn't disrupt everything.

    I'm tired, but after resting afterschool, I feel a bit better. I'm hoping that this will build me up, not knock me down. Time will tell. I have to work for finances. If I don't then we will be in bankruptcy- I don't want that.

    My legs were my weak area, but now they feel better. My upper body is sore. I can't do a lot of repetitive things. Like copying big books - lifting the lid of the copier, turning the book time after time. Just putting papers in piles- the repetition causes pain. I moved one desk and now I have two swollen lumps on my lower arms. I hope my upper body gets stronger. My stretches focus on lower body.

    I did a sit and exercise class on PBS the other day and the senior citizens on there did better than me.

    Just keep me in prayer please. I am doing the best I can. I'm having a little brain fog sometimes. I think the flourescent lights bother me.

    Just keep me in prayer daily if you can, it really helps. I miss my days when I had Christian radio on all day, and read the Word, and read Christian magazines.

    Some of the people at school are very negative, and I don't want to slide down that slope of criticizing and negativity. I'll find my balance in time, I'm sure.

    I heard Edwina was of the boards, do you know what is up? I wish I had her e-mail. It's sad to think if we can't have contact anymore and no way to reach her.

    Many blessings,
  5. PrayerWarrior316

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    You are going to be missed terribly by all of us after you return to work.

    I will certainly be praying for the Lord to bless you with the strength that you need to be able to do your job each day throughout the school year.

    Blessings, Judy <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
  6. jill5050

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    I read your post and hope you are doing well today, and that the Lord gives you what you need to get through your husband's illness and errands. I hope your husband is on the mend soon. How are you feeling? I remember seeing a post about a new doctor- how is that working out? I'll pray that the hurricane does not come anyones way- just stay out in the ocean already! Where are you? I know your in the south-Alabama? I can't get to your info. in this screen, and my memory is challenged (I like the way that sounds :)

    My week went well and I did everything I needed to do at work and nobody has a clue what it's really like for me. I guess I just want people to be aware, and at times ask if I need an accomodation, but at the same time, don't make a big fuss. Does that make sense? Just be considerate, but don't minimize what I'm going through.

    My husband will start receiving commission checks in additon to regular paycheck starting Oct. 15th- so that will help us. I pray that he will make big sales! God is just so good all the time. He lifts us up when we are falling. I don't know where I'd be without faith, I just can't imagine.

    Thank you for your loving reply. I printed it, and may keep an extra copy at work for strength. The Holy Spirit is really working in you with your ministry here. I'm so glad for YOU!

    If you can, keep me in prayer for energy, strength, finances, and healing (that's a tall order! I do a lot of gratitude praying too, not just the gimmes). I'll remember you in mine also. Your are a gift!

  7. jill5050

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    Thank you for your everlasting support. I so appreciate everything you offer up to me. You are such a treasure here. I can't remember what it was like before you came!