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    My son has reciently been diagnoised with schizophrenia; as a result of the schizophrenia, he has poor judgment and has difficulty making reasonable decisions.

    A few weeks ago my son's friend asked if my son could go along while he and two other people picked up some cars. I explained that my son did not have a driver's license and had poor judgment along with difficulty making reasonable decisions and looked to those he trusted for guideance, therefor he (my son's friend)was not to ask, intice, command, imply, manipulate, or order my son to drive a car because my son would trust his judgment over his own. I also told the friend that he was to act in my son's best interest and protect him from harm. I also explained that I would release my son into his care with the understanding that I would hold him responsible if he failed to act in my son's best interest. The friend insisted my son would not be driving, he just wanted my son to come along for the company because it was a long drive and he did not want to make the drive back alone.

    According to my son, his friend waited until they were too far away for my son to walk home (I did not have a phome for my son to call) before telling my son he would have to drive a car back. Not only did this guy tell my son he had drive a car back, the friend put him into the car that had expired plates, no insurance, no registeration, and my son had no driver's license. Sure enough my son was pulled over, ticketed, and promply arrested. And my son's friend, he deserted him, left my son there alone; although the friend did bail my son out of jail. If convicted, my son is looking at a long prison sentence.

    At my son's first court appearance the judge ridiculed my son because he forgot to fill in the date on his advisement of rights form. When my son told the judge he did not know the date or month the judge really began to give him a hard time. When I tried to explain to the judge my son had schizophrenia I was told to be quiet, this was not jeopardy and I could not shout out the answers. To say the least this judge is beyond harsh and became more harsh after learning my son was mentally ill.

    Any way, please pray that after my son's attorney talks to the DA and explains the whole story, the DA will agree to drop all of the charges, which, without God's intervention, would be impossible.

    Thanks for your prayers

    God Bless


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    What a cruel attitiude to a sick person! What a friend too!
    I will remember to pray for your son, that he is shown compassion by the DA. He was taken advantage of because of his illness and then condemned and riduculed for being ill. It shouldn't happen in this day and age. That is wrong. I will pray for him and you. I will pray also for friends who will treat your son in a way which shows respect for his illness. I will also pray for the judge, that God breaks into his cold heart and changes his attitiude.
    God bless. Shelbo
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    I am praying for your son