pray for my teenage daughter, mother at 15

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Starla, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. Starla

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    All you moms must know how it feels when your child hurts. My daughter is hurting so bad emotionally. She is at her wits end and I fear she might lose all hope. She got pregnant at 15, was a doting mom for 6 months, then gave up. She went from being a perfect picture of a loving, doting mother to a cold hearted uncaring person over night. She has been totally self centered, ugly and mean ever since, for 3 years now. It is killing me to see her hurt, rebel and break down. It is killing me to see her baby long for her mother's attention. We all live in the same house. The tension is hard on us all. I had to quit work because my Fibromyalgia/CFIDS got the best of me and I still have this baby to raise. My husband and I shower the baby with tons of love and attention, but it will never replace the attention she wants from her mommie. My daughter broke down crying yesterday and she said "I don't want to be a mother, but I love her". It was an ice breaker. I told her that it is okay that she didn't want to be a mother, that she just needed to love her. Since having the baby she has rebelled with covering her body with tattoos and piercing her nose, dying her hair black, smoking cigarettes, but thank the Lord, she hates alcohol and drugs. She has one relationship after another with guys and always falls head over heels with each one and then is devastated when they break up. She is on an emotional roller coaster and needs it to stop. She is now talking about moving out of the country with a guy she just met, to get away from everything. That scares me to death. Please pray for God to work quickly in her life. She is angry at God and the world. She was raised in church and now she ridicules church. She won't go for counseling, she says she's allright. I don't know what else to do but pray. Please join me so there will be strength in numbers. God Bless each and every one of you who reads this and cares enough to lift her up.
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    Dear Starla, I broke down in tears when I read your post. I am in a similar circumstance. My daughter at 17 started having kids. She is now 23 and doesn't have them. They are in foster care and she will never get them back. I grieve daily! She started out with good intentions,but an abusive boyfriend. Then the drugs came when they were first taken from her. Now she is lost to the streets and god knows what else. We haven't heard from her in months. I feel your pain as a mother,it breaks your heart. I hope for you that things work out, and that she sees the light before it's too late. My thoughts are with you. queenbee
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    We can stand together against Satan's influence in your daughter's life. In the name of Jesus Christ we rebuke the enemy and command him to take his hands off your daughter.

    We stand in agreement that you will have the strength to raise your granddaughter. With God all things are possible.


  4. CJ-Tex

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    I will pray for both Starla, her daughter and precious grand daughter and for Queenbee, her daughter and those precious grandchildren in foster care..... This is so hard for you, it breaks my heart just thinking about the pain all involved have endured.

    Heavenly Father I lift up these families to you and ask that You will give them what they need. As our true Father you understand the pain of Your children gone astray. You know these family's needs and hurt Lord and You know that through Your love, grace and forgiveness that You will help to heal their broken-ness. We are just human Father and surrender to temptation all too often but we know that You are always there for us and able to forgive us and set us free of our hurts when we are willing to turn these things over to You. Thank you Father for Your promise to us, please hold these young women gently in Your arms and allow them to feel Your presence in their hearts. These things I ask in the name of Your precious Son, Jesus Christ. Amen

    I will continue to lift you up in prayer.

    Love, hope, and faith always....with these all things are possible!
    C J
  5. Shirl

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    You both have numbers here in prayer. There is no hurt in this world worst than what the children can inflict on us, and on themselves.

    What is so sad, as we can see what they are doing to their lives, and we can't make them understand.

    Will raise them both, and the little children up to the Lord, He is able to keep them, and to break those bounds of Satan that is holding them.

    Try to keep calm, and let the Lord use His power in these young girls lives, and those precious babies.

    Blessings going out to both of you.

    Shalom, Shirl
  6. jesuslover

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    Praying and reading the Bible are the best things you can do. Keep crying out to God. He'll hear and respond. He's responded to me when I have needed Him most. Everything will be all right, as He wants it to be.

    Nancy S.
  7. Starla

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    Seems I can already tell a difference in her. More of a calm spirit. However, she came home today saying she got a job waitressing at a men's club. (Exotic dancers there) That really makes me worry about her safety. She assures it is safe, but you know the atmosphere and the character of the people she will be around is just awful for her. So keep up those prayers. More are needed.
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    I am so sorry for the pain your daughters have caused you. Its amazing the amount of pain and hurt our own children can cause. I pray that you both find some peace of mind and give this up to the lord. You cant do it alone.
    And Starla, your right that is a bad place for your daughter to work. I fear it could lead to worse things. So a special prayer for her to see what her situation really is and seek safe employment.
    And queenbee I pray that you will once again be with you daughter under better cirmstances. And most of all I pray for these little children.

  9. queenbee69

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    who responded to my letter to Starla,"thank you". I do try and think positive toughts that one day my daughter will come home safe. I have daily reminders of the grandchildren that I will never see again and that pains me. I can only hope that there new life brings good things to them,and maybe someday we will be reunited. Starla....pray for the best, no matter what we do as parents the ultimate outcome is out of our hands. Good luck..queenbee
  10. allhart

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    ill be praying for her im going to email you,
  11. Revella

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    Starla please know that I also am praying for you. You said that your daughter was raised in church. Remember that the bible says that "if you teach them when they are young, when they are old they will not depart from it. " She knows what you taught her and what she should believe and be doing. My husband is a Baptist minister and as you know is waiting for a liver transplant. I told him about your prayer request and he wants me to make a list of each request and he is also going to pray and he has a lot of time to do that.

    God is still in control even when we don't realize or remember that.