Pray for our toops

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  1. dash

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    The handoff of power to Iraq is coming on June 30. Already the number of terrorist attacks have increased, and it is believed they will continue to rise as this day approaches.

    Please remember our troops, our civilians, and those from other countries trying to rebuild the infrastructure there. Pray too for those Iraquies who are about to assume offices for they are in mortal danger, and for all the innocents who are victims of terrorists.

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    I know that You are a sovereign God and the outcome of these situations is in Your hands, no matter what men do or say. I pray for all these people, that You would be with them in this situation and that they would know your presence and peace in the face of such loss of life and carnage. May they come to know You and Your truth.

    When these men and women are lonely, afraid, or in danger, let them hear Your voice and know Your love.

    Let those who know You, be courageous and bold to spread the Gospel where they can. May they be the ones that others turn to in times of peril, and shine like a light in the darkness. Give them wisdom and discernment. Let them know that they are not forgotten.

    Comfort the loved ones of those far from home, and let their trust and hope be in You.

    I pray these things in Jesus' name,

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    My brother just retired as a Gunnery Sargent in the Marine Corp....just in time...his unit is deploying in a few weeks from now. I asked him how he felt about it and well, as a stern Marine would reply "Im proud of them all and wish I were still a part of it....". Nevertheless, the rest of us are happy he is home safe and sound.
    I pray for all of them and all those who are fighting for freedom and peace. I also pray for the families and friends of fallen heros for comfort and peace. May the good Lord comfort them and bless them all and keep them in his ever loving care.

    Amen Della to your prayer as well! Beautifully written!

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    I'm afraid this request will be pushed down the list and that no one will see it. I really think it is important

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    I think this is so important too. I am just in awe of our troops putting their lives on the line everyday for all of us. I pray that this transition of power goes well and that GOd puts his white light of protection around our troops and all the innocent people over in Iraq.

    I also pray for peace and an end too all this upheaval and violence everywhere. God help us all!