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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by grge, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. grge

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    Thankyou for your prayers, one down and one to go, my son who has not spoke to me in two years called to say he was sorry for being such an ass. Told me that he loved me and was wrong to do such a mean thing.

    Your prayers brought it to pass when mine could'nt. God may not listen to me but He hears you.
  2. marta

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    That's all, just praise God.

  3. MusicTeacher

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    God heard your every prayer and now he has answered at least one of them and I praise him and thank him that your son is back in touch.

    When the rest of us pray for you (or a specific topic) we reinforce what you have prayed and if you are feeling weak at the time that can help you to know that but, in the end, it's YOUR prayer that worked. We pray for you but you ask God for your needs in your prayers, your way, your time.

    Those of us who offer to pray here are not some kind of superior "Prayer machines"! We're just ordinary people wanting to help others to know and trust the God we love. Sometimes God doesn't always answer prayers in the way we think he should because he's God and we're mortal.

    So, perhaps your son had to realise what a silly chap he was being for himself in God's time.

    I am just thrilled that bit worked out OK and I'll keep praying for you but don't stop praying for yourself. That's very important.

    God Bless
    Music Teacher (UK)