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    I met a freind while going to school through Vocational Rehab. The people who attended school there are people who have disabiliites. Mine being Fibromyalgia. Hers being hip surgery, back injury and surgery.. Her going through Workers comp, me going through Vocational rehab. We met within the first few days of school, she found out that I was on the road to becoming a Christian, and she allready was. She is such a great inspirtation to me and my family. We rode to school together, had lunch together. Talked on the phone late night, supporting one another and our disabilities. She grew close with my sons also. In particular my 11 year old son who is ADDH. Our dog Jack too has become fond of her. I fond of her cats.

    She has found out through testing done this past week, she is in last stages of cancer. Leukemia..Sp. Its spread throughout her blood. Docs say she most likely has had it for months now. She was admitted yesterday to a cancer hospital for a one month stay. Starting Chemo on Monday. Blood transfusions, Bone Marrow transplants.

    We were talking just this past Thursday about it all, the possibility of cancer. How she is accepting it as Gods will. That everything will turn out allright in the end. That she will face it. Like I said, she is a great inspirtation. Such a strong spiritual woman, friend and I love her so.

    Prayer much needed for my friend Wanda. To keep her strength up, fight this.

    I been in tears all day. Scared for her. Needing prayer also. I am sticking by her throughout this. Right by her side.

    Love and Peace~Sunshyne
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    Having gone through a bone marrow transplant with my sister, I know this can be such a trying time. There is no WAY we could have made it with out the prayers of loved ones and strangers.

    We were at a local hospital while she was recieving a treatment, and we started talking to a nurse there. This nurse was telling us about the church she went to, and the prayer chain going on throughout the sunday school make al long story short we found out that my sister was on that prayer list. When the nurse put two and two together, she realized that she had been praying for my sister for months, now she was helping her with her treatment. Prayer is strong, and it spreads like fire.

    Just know I will be praying for Wanda daily, with a heart of understanding. I will keep you lifted up in my prayers as well.

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    I also added her to a prayer board at our church.

    She was taken to ICU early morning. Her lungs collapsed. She has pneumonia. Chemo has been pushed up maybe in a week. Until the penumonia is under control. She is on steroids and antibiotics. She is on a ventilator. Can only spend a short time with her right now. So writing a letter to her and giving it to her tomorrow.

    Thanks for the prayers.
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    She is doing well today, coming out of ICU and into a room at the cancer hospital on the campus. Which will be great, can come and go as I please then. Also trying to make the room a little more homey for her. Taking pictures taken earlier this summer of me and her during a cookout we had here at home. Gave her a very nice inspirational book, called Gifts from me to you. I asked her if there was anything.. anything at all I could bring into her tomorrow. She said.. Just bring you. Wow!
    She will be there for awhile. Starting Chemo next week. A mass was also found on her vocal chord. Doing a biopsy of that tomorrow to see if its the leukemia or a different cancer.

    She agrees with you all.. The power of prayer is the bestest!

    She also says she has some work to do at the hospital. Spreading the word.. Wow again! She works with people so well. She will be such a blessing there at the hospital for sure.

    Still a long long road ahead. Staying the strongest I can.

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    Sunshyne will be honored to pray for such a strong Christian Lady. What a blessing she is to all around her.

    Will also pray for you as you minister to her needs, which she seems to think that YOU are what she does need, blessings for you too.

    I lost my mother, father, and brother to cancer, so can prayer in the Spirit with my heart always full for those who suffer from this awful hatful illness.

    Tell Wanda that we are all holding her up in prayer, and also for her ministry as I know from what you say she will share her Lord with all those He sends to her, no matter where she is.

    You have been blessed to have such a wonderful Christian friend, and she has been blessed with you!
    God bless you both...........

    Shalom, Shirl