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    I wittnessed a horrible horrible car accident on the highway today. I was so shaken up that it was even difficult for me to dial 911 and talk clearly to the state police. I cried on my way to work.
    I know its an "odd" request, but I ask please for a small prayer for the "unknown" who had that tragic accident today. I must have prayed three times already becuase I cant seem to shake the image from my head. Maybe it hits home a little harder for me because my hubby when he was 17 was in a horrible accident and was dead on the scene until a passerby who happened to be a medic, saved his life.

    I woke up this morning struggling emotionally, mentally and physically about certain issues in my life right now. As tears streamed down my cheek, I lay in bed waiting fo the alarm to go off. It was a struggle to rise up from bed and begin yet another grewling day, but I didnt have a choice.

    Driving to work, my head was in a fog...I was feeling pretty emotionally tapped and overwhelmed when I witnessed this horrible accident.

    Certainly puts life in perspective....

    Anyway, a "prayer for the unknown" would be much appreciated. I am so shook up over what I saw. May God be with that person and their loved ones.

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    Somedays our cup already feels full and then something like that happens and it feels like more than we can handle.

    Lord, I pray that you would help Diane to cast these cares upon you. We don't know "why" life can be so hard and tragedies happen. You don't always answer the "why" but you promise to be "with" us. Please let Diane sense your presence today. Please be with those who were in the car accident to bring comfort and healing to them. Amen.
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    What an awful experience for you, I pray God will ease that scene from your mind & give you peace. I pray too for the unknown stranger in the car, & his/her family & whatever they are facing today.
    I hope you day/night/week improves & the issues you are facing also improve.
  4. Sandyz

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    I will be praying for you and these people in the accident.
    It is always traumatic seeing something like that and it will take awhile to get over even though you didn`t know the people and weren`t in the accident yourself.

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    Sometimes we are witnesss to tragic events, because we are ordained to be intercessors on behalf of people we do not even know. Thank you for posting this request and letting us share this responsibility with you.

    Dear Lord,

    I pray for the people involved in this accident. You alone know their condition, so I ask that whatever their needs be physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial that you would meet them and be glorified.

    I also ask that Diane be at peace and free from anxiety and worry.

    In Jesus name I pray,

  6. another_painful_day

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    Now after experiencing that yesterday, I found out today that I am losing my job...NOT by the word of mouth from my boss....ONLY by way of a newpaper add my best friend found in her newspaper...HOW COWARDLY RIGHT?


    Thanks again for praying for those strangers....I shouldnt say strangers...I should say "our unknown sisters or brothers" involved in that horrible asccident yesterday. The images still are playing over and over in my head.


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  7. NewEnglander

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    Dear Lord,
    I ask that you would cover Diane in peace from head to toe and that you would give her rest and heal all of her past wounds.
    and Lord I ask that you would bless the people who were involved in the car accident. Lord I ask that you would turn what was meant for evil to the good, for your Glory.
    in Jesus name I pray
    luv lisa
  8. Dobber

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    Bless your heart!! I can't imagine how you must feel. I have lost two jobs in the last year, due to my illness and understand that part, but with all else, you have to be SOOOOOO overwhelmed.

    Father God, I ask that you put your arms around Diane and hold her oh so tight, Lord... that you show her that YOU are in control and you know of her trials... that You are listening to her every word and hear her cries. Father I ask that you give her the peace that only You can give. Lord I ask that you ease her fears and show her that you WILL provide a way for her. Lord we ask that you open a door for her a new job and hope for her finances. Lord show her to the door and give her peace when it is THE door from you. Lord I ask that you heal Diane as this is the primary cause of her trials. Take this horrible disease from her body, Lord and give her health like she has not experienced before. Father I now give her to you to keep and to love in Your special way. Let her feel your presence and your grace pour all around her. We thank you Lord for always being there for us... for not leaving us or forsaking us. We ask this in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen!!

    You don't forget, Diane, that there IS a plan that God has for you... He will see you through this. Just look to the sky... ask Him if you can cuddle up to Him and rest... then snuggle with something... covers, pillow, etc., and feel God's love!!

    Blessings and Hugs!

    Debbie M