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    Hello to all here! My name is Brian I am usually on the RA board. I was dia. in 01. Im 43 and retierd Union Ironworker- I cant work cause of my arthritis.The shock of my lost career has haunted me and has eaten away at my perception of "a man". I served 20yrs building the skyline of the Bay Area. Soon after my dia. serious back problems have plaqued me. Fri I am going in for my 3rd back surgery.The stresses of my conditions and past experiances have left my faith bruised. My past experiances include watching my father be a model parrisoner and die at a young age after a very lenghtly illness and the same with my brother who suffered for many years with a rare muscle diesese--sp--- finally to die in a horrable manner.Finnally when I was dia. my Mother brother and sister turned thier back on me for comfort and support.They judged me and hurt me and my faith. I came from a strong and tight Catholic family. I was a alter boy till I was 17. My brothers and I mowed the church fields, we attended youth groups and most church functions. What happened? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not takke this as a religion bash!! I have been pondering on postig here for a long time. At first I felt that I would look like a hypocrite but a friend on the RA board said To accept the love of your presious board.I am going to ask you all to pray for me-- For my surgery and for me to accept what has happend to me in the past. To be able to move on. To love with out judgement. To realize that everything happens for a reason. To calm my anger in my heart.To forgive. To allow God back in my life.To accept things that i cant change. Finnally to find peace and happiness in myself.
    Thank You-- Brian
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    We come from all different backgrounds, and mostly we don't even talk about it. We care about each other and people we are asked to pray for. Really quite a simple concept, you ask, we pray.

    We have a weekly prayer request board, and you are welcomed to put your own name on there each week. We all try and pray on Thursday nights.

    good luck with your surgery. I offer my prayers that you have a good recovery, that God guides the hands of those who minister to you and that you have relief.

    Blessings and prayers said for you Brian.
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    So glad you found your way here. I think you'll love it and will find you're also loved without question.

    Many prayers will be coming your way not just for you but for your family.

    Sorry to here you're having another surgery. I know you don't usually talk about how your feeling, but please feel free. This is the place to do it.

    Dear Jesus, today I want to say thankyou dear Lord for bringing Brian here.

    You know his heart and what he needs but I am asking for You to please be with him.

    Never let him feel along. Let him only feel Your love for him and his family.

    Surround them with Your Angels and give them Your strength.

    Guide the hands of all that touch him. Put Your arm's around him and let him feel You holding him.

    Give him the miracle of Your love for both his healing and his faith.

    I ask this in Your holy name. Amen.
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    Been waiting to hear from you. I knew your surgery was coming up soon. Of course we all will be praying for you. Is it warm where you are? I am supposed to go somewhere warm to let my body heal and as a nurse I could come and look after you and use it all as a tax write off. What do you think? lol.
    We are here if you need anything.
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    Thank You!
    Cath-- Still around just slow in getting back on the board.Hey Hey the weather is warming up! going to be in the 60's. Hmmmmmm you REALLY want to take care of a whinner like me? I would love the visit!
    Pam-- Thanks for the support in my decision to post here.YES I will have Patti post on my recovery!
    OK going to post my Good Bye on the RA board.
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    Sorry, I didn't respond sooner, I am recovering from back surgery also. I'm so glad you came to this board. I'm not catholic, but went through a lot of disappointments with family and the church. I no longer believe in a religion, but think the most important thing is our relationship with God, because when it comes down to it that's all HE wants is for us to have a relationship with him. That's what he made us for and thankfully we don't have to go through anyone else or to a special building or anything like that to have it.

    I pray you are recovering well. Your pics are great! Looks like you have a wonderful family which is such a blessing. Take Care and I just wanted to say hello and welcome.
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    I saw your post the other day and I didn't have time to post then but I have prayed for you and will certainly be lifting you to the Lord tomorrow. I am glad you had the courage to post here.

    Brian, God is always there for you. He has never left your side no matter what frame of mind you have had or even what you have ever done both good or bad. He loves you and wants to have a relationship with you. I hope you will let Him have that. It is a wonderful thing.

    I pray your back surgery is a success. I pray that the Lord will give you the self esteem that you have lost and that you can find a whole new idenity in Him.

    Take care Brian and know that we will be praying for you tomorrow and during your recovery.

    When you feel up to it let us know how you are doing. OK