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  1. jinlee

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    Today while on the chit chat room a very depressed young lady was there, i mean suicidal. We all tried to help as best we could. She believed she did not matter to anyone, had no place in this world.

    It was so sad. She abruptly left, it was so awful to witness. Good advice was given her but she was in that place where only God can show her His love

    Please pray for SKY. Pray she feels God's love for her.

    thanks so much.

  2. windblade

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    Joining in with your prayers for Sky. I know just what it's like to feel as she does. With clinical depression and other things I have felt many times as if I didn't matter to anyone, and didn't belong anywhere!

    My heart breaks for her.

    Yes, am praying that God will show her his enormous, intimate love for her. As if she is the only person on this earth.

    Have started praying, and will light a candle for her.

    With love, Judy
  3. springwater

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    I understand. Praying for her and all of those like her.

    God Bless
  4. Doznclan3

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    Want to offer up my prayers as well. It sounds like she was receiving a lot of love from people on the chat. That may have helped her go away thinking, that if strangers can pour the love out to her, then maybe, just maybe.......