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    Please say a prayer for my ex-husband, my daughter called crying and said that he has cancer, and it doesn"t look good.
    shes not sure if she should call him because he,s not been very close to the girls in all these yrs ,he has stepchildren and he,s always payed more attention to them than his own.

    It makes the girls feel really bad and like outsiders.she ask me what to do.
    I told her to pray about it and listen for God to enlighten her. and not to be afraid to call and talk to him,because she is a cancer survivor herself .and I think she could give him hope.

    Please also say a prayer for me so I can help my daughters with this. I had forgiven my Ex many years ago.
    but I just don't think I can take this on right now my emotions are just not the best right now.

    I"ve lost so many people in the last 5yrs,its just hard to cope,
    thanks everyone sixtyslady
  2. Asatrump

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    Prayers for all. And also for all those in family situations similar to yours, me included.

    May our children come to be at peace, and Lord help us all who face dysfunctional families.
  3. sixtyslady

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    thanks so much for your I said I had forgiven my ex .many yrs was the best thing I"ve every done for myself.
    and I want to be there for my girls if they lose their Dad.
    but I just can"t get to close to the situation for my own health.
    I"m still comming to grips with losing my brother last yr,and my dear cousin a few mos ago.we have lost so many in the last 5yrs.the mourning process is just getting over and I lose another its just so hard to take.
    and I know that I will moun my ex, if this happens,even though we"ve been apart for 28yrs.
    and it still hurts that he walked out and left his family
    and never once said many unanswer question.

    but anyhow I guess i'm afraid he"ll want something from me that I can't give, I don"t want to be unkind,but how do you take care of yourselve.
    I told my daughter that I will pray for him.
    blessind sixtyslady
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    God bless you for writing to me this has been bothering me all day.
    and your right God will take care of him.and I will pray in the background.and try to support my daughters.
    I just can"t stand to see people hurt and be scared.
    because I have been through that so many times.but God always has been there for me and he will be for my ex.

    I just hope he doesn"t ask the girls for me to come and see him.I just can"t do that. I"m afraid that he"ll want to make amends before he passes.
    Is that wrong as a christian not to let him say he sorry for what he done.
    I hope he can tell his daughters he loves them before its to late.
    thanks again it really helped. blessing sixtyslady
  5. sixtyslady

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    thanks so much, you seem to know how I feel right now.

    I remember when I use to wonder why my ex did the things he did and the people in our town and friends just thought he was the greatest guy in the world ,and i use to think when is he going to have to pay, for what hes done.

    but now I don"t feel that way. I just feel sorry for him and hope he can turn to God .
    he was very cruel to me when he started to chase other women, he use to come home and tell me the details.

    I put up with it for about 2 yrs and just could"t take it anymore. so I divorced him.

    but even in yrs to come he'd just walk right up to me with a smirk on his face and talk to me like nothing ever happened.

    His Father had been a skirt chaser and is Mom just put up with it and acted like it never happened,and I guess my ex thought I should do the same.

    Some ones jealous husband, finally shot and killed my ex,s Father.
    but he didn"t learn a thing from what happen to his Dad.

    thanks for being there for me . its been so many yrs and I haven"t even thought about my ex, and now this just kind of brings it all back. and it takes someone else thats been threw it to understand. hugs and blessing sixtyslady
  6. Lendy5

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    Dear Sixtyslady - You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that he can beat this and return to good health.

    Wishing you all many Blessings!
  7. kgangel

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    Hi Sixtyslady,

    Boy, I can really relate to this one. My exhusband has also been diagnosed with Cancer. He has told my youngest son about it and he has not talked to me about it yet, but he has told his older brother. It is tearing my son up and he is very worried about his dad now. My ex did not spend much time with my sons while we were married, but he has been trying to spend more time with them now. He was abusive in our marriage to myself and at times to the boys, but they have forgiven him and really seem to have forgotten what went on while we were a family, so I am glad for that.

    You are so right in what you told your daughter, to go to God and ask him for help in what to do. I am sure her dad would love to hear from her, especially now that he needs so much love since he is going through such a hard time.

    I will keep you and your family in my prayers

    God Bless


  8. lovethesun

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    being said right now.I believe that if she called him and the worst would happen,she would at least have knownshe tried and hava asense of closure.My father is that way to us.Linda
  9. bandwoman

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    I am sure this is a heart wrenching time for all of you. I will pray that God will give you the needed strength to minister comfort and love to your daughters and also the appropriate words to say to them when they need it.

  10. sixtyslady

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    such good advice. the past couple of days I"ve been able to not think about it all the usually hits me at bed time or early in the morning.
    and I feel like I need to keep my feelings from my hubby, I don"t want him to feel bad ,hes always been a really good stepfather to my girls.
    we "ve had our bad times,but he"s always there for the kids.
    I didn"t realize when I married my present hubby that he had A.D.D. its a very hard thing to live with,hes so fogetful,and at times I feel more like his caregiver than a when I need a shoulder, he just doesn"t understand what I"M really going through.
    he can"t even remember to shut the cupboard doors. and I constantly have to remind him to turn his cell phone on for work.its just so much stress having to double check for him. some times I get up at night to make sure everything is locked up and turned off so we don"t have a fire.
    well i know the next few weeks will be hard, I just pray for my ex everyday and turn it over to God.
    but just want to thank everyone for prayers and words of encouragement. God Bless sixtyslady
  11. MamaR

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    I am so sorry to hear about this! I will pray for your family! I ask God to give you strength to lift up your dear daughters.