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    Hi there all you wonderful people it's me from the UK again!

    First thanks so much for answering my previous messages. However, a further request.

    My 54 year old hubby went away this weekend on a management training course that was held at an outdoor activity centre. This morning he was Orienteering for the first time and slipped badly, falling heavily as he did so. He's a big guy and tonight he's hurting. We checked and nothing is broken (I'm sure thanks to God's protection which I was praying over him all weekend) but he's very sore and fed up. Looks like he'll be off work most of the week.

    Now I love him dearly but he's always "dying" when he has a small cold. As far as he is concerned tonight he's in a terminal condition and my single role in life is to be his personal nurse and cook. I'm exhausted from the week that's just gone by in my life with funerals, deaths, new diagnosis for me etc (see previous messages).

    So, I've almost run out of steam to pray for him and look after him. Help you great people - a call to prayer please for a swift recovery for him. He's not a Christian so thinks there is little point in praying but I guess we would like to hope we know better!

    Love you all and remembering you in my prayers too.
    God's blessings and greetings
    Music Teacher (UK)
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    Thanks for your prayers and support.

    After a bad night we saw our doc this morning who gave him a thorough overhaul and says he's definitely not broken or cracked anything - it's a severe muscle pull and deep bruising.

    Had to smile though, she's told him he must move around and get going to avoid stiffening up. That went down like a lead balloon. However, he is clearly in pain so I shall try to be patient with the patient and do my best "Florence Nightingale" impression.

    Doc reckons he'll be off work most of the week though. Hey ho - I expect we shall both survive!

    God bless and thanks, again, for your support.

    MusicTeacher (UK)