Prayer for my family and me are needed, thank you morninglory

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    I am daily loosing it a bit more. My family is in counceling and we are all having a hard time. My fibro is in a constant flare since my surgery in december and my back is slowly giving out on me. I am in trouble at work because I have too many absences from my daughter's ememrgencies and my own illnesses.

    I was written up yesterday and told I could not be absent again until July or I would be written up again and tehn would be fired if there was another. No slack given at all.

    i need prayers for my boses becasue right now I have hate and resentment in my heart at work if we are not a perfect machine that funtions at all times we are chastised. They do not care about our petty little problems as I put it. No consideration or compashion given for anything you may go through, just redicule. So I pray that they get everything they need in life and that there families may stay well so they do not have to go through anything like I have been through.

    I need prayer becaue I am about to give up and just quit and I cannot. I am trying to get my docs to put me out again becaus back is not healing well and work is aggrivating it so much. I am stressed out to the max and that is not helping any. i do not be able to seem to find any energy left when the work day is over to get any exercise and it is killing me. I get up every morning in such pain emotionally and phsically that it takes sitting on the heating pad, stretching and talking on this board to get me going. I try and lift someone else up to ease the pain. I t comforts me to help others worse off than I.

    Pray for healing for me and that my docs may find out what is really wrong with me. My pain doc visit last week revealed that I have primary severe osteo way beyond my years and he feels the fibo is secondary and I must have one of the 170 kinds of arthrits that is genetic or autoimmune because of my history. He feels I have many neurological symptoms and that I have been labled incorrectly all these years because docs are too lazy to dig and find the truth. I have felt this way for a long time, but no one will listen, they think I am paronoid or just a whiner.

    Cognatively I am a mess. No clear thoughts for a very long time and when I speak to my husband-he analizes every word and picks it apart and tells me how I make no sence and am not handling anything corectly. Duh!!!!!!!! I explain and explain but he does not get it. He wants me home so I can get better but monitarilly and insurance coverage is a big issue at the moment. He works for a traveling technologist company and the insurance is not that good, mine is. I have a daughter 13 in counceling because she tried to take her life and suffers from depression, we have family counceling and all this is covered by insurance. We cannot afford to loose it, not to mention the medication for this family. I am trying ot talk them into part time at work and no budge at all, basically been told if I cannot cut it tough, find something else,there is someone interested in taking a position here right now, inotherwords almost 3 years of service means nothing to them at all. There is no caring or empathy, just numbers and are we getting all the patients done is their worry.

    It is hard to work for folks like that. Everyday I tell myself that I am going to work for God and not Moses Cone heath system and enjoy my patients and stay busy to avoid the supervisors at all costs. It is patient care and god's work that I am there for not them.

    Anyway have lots of anger and resentment and finding it hard to even pray the last few days let alone read my devotions. Pray I get back on track soon.

    thanks all for listening

    Godbless everyone here with these stupid diseases.


    thank you for sharing your story with me it helps to know i am not alone.
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    My prayers a re with you, as I know how difficult the employer thing can be. I had back surgery and was on disability 2 years ago. I was lead by God to work from home for myself, that way I answered to Him only. I help others, do what I love, and get by financially.

    My prayers go out for you and the family as you go through this struggle, open your heart to Him and He will lead you in the right direction.

    God Bless you,

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    I want you to know I will continue to pray for you! I'm sorry you're having such a tough time.

    I don't have any easy answers to what you are going through that I could suggest other than what has already been said. Just know that I care and we are all here for you.

    I know its hard to pray and read the Bible when you don't feel like it like you said, but I have found that if I do it anyway, I am blessed and God speaks to me during those times. We get so confused and don't know which direction to go, I've been there too.

    It reminds me of Prov.3:5,6, the verse you took to work with you on the first day back if my memory is correct. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths."

    I'll be praying!

    In love and care,
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    Willow and I are in prayer for you and your related work place, hope all goes well,
    Love an prayers
    Pixie and Willow
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    Hi sweetie,
    You are under so much stress, my heart goes out to you. We, reading your words feel so helpless and know that you are reaching out for friendship and comfort and you will always find it here.

    With all that is going on right now, when your mind is so tired and confused also it is so hard to get everything sorted out. Please just close your eyes and ask the Lord to lift your burdens from you. Ask Him to heal and restore your body.
    Just keep it simple, speak to Him as he is standing right beside you...He is you know. And just thank Him for it because you are expecting a miracle that will come.

    Hold on to that thought...Dazee.