Prayer for my husband he injured his left leg

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    Yesterday, my husband fell off the steps of our trailer yesterday and had injury to the knee area. He called me at work at 8:00 AM and I came home and found him on the floor, he couldn’t get up and I couldn’t get him up so he had an ambulance ride into the ER. No broken bones, but a lot of swelling and he can’t put weight on it.

    Five years ago he had a similar injury to his right knee and had to have surgery and was then off work for three months. Right now, he can't bear weight, and he’s dragging his leg in a leg brace using his crutches and has pain and a lot of swelling.

    We were in to see his regular MD this AM, had he was sent for an MRI. I will take him in to see the ortho that he had do the work on his right knee this coming Wednesday.

    The ortho doctor he sees does surgeries only on Mondays, Sees patients on Tues – Th., and doesn’t see patients on Friday (office closes at noon on Fridays). He’s the best in this area. So … we wait.

    I did see the MRI’s and it looks as though there is tearing in the tissue around the patella (knee bone), so I wouldn’t doubt he’ll have to have some type of surgery, hopefully micro.

    The new injury doesn’t look like the the other five years ago - that was in the quadriceps tendon, and his who right thigh muscle contracted way up then as the tendon was severed. This is probably some of the ligaments holding the knee cap in. It’s more painful for him above the knee and when he moves than he remembers from last time.

    It's all very strange that he’s had this problem twice. One of the theories is that he has post-polio syndrome. When he was three, he had polio and recovered. His mother was in an iron lung for over two years.

    I would appreciate prayer for him as we wait all this out as well as prayer for me to have strength to help him. Five years ago was hard enough, this time with all my problems increasing over five years, it will be difficult.

    ~ L, Jeannette
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    I hope that your husband heals fast and does not require surgery or extensive treatment. I am sure it is hard for you to think positively after his previous experience, but hang in there. Prayers for you both.
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    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and prayers.

    My husband is doing okay, I guess. No other choice … he’s not a patient person at all and has a hard time if he doesn’t have control of things in his life (think we are all somewhat like that).

    Anyway, he’s sitting all day with his leg elevated and can only hobble trying not to put weight on the leg. Can’t go to work and has a difficult time … still is on the phone with work or on the computer to do work. We’ll see what happens tomorrow AM when we see the ortho.

    The whole thing has me really physically and emotionally exhausted and miserable at the end of my work day and I’m anxious to get to my meds to stop the pains when I get home. Most likely due to having to help him with everything and that includes coming home for lunch to make sure he gets his lunch as he is not supposed to put weight on the injured leg.

    I didn’t mention this. My mother has eye surgery this Thursday and I’m the “designated” driver as my dad is legally blind. Just another thing on my mind.

    Sometimes we get a lot to handle in life. I’m so happy to be a believer and to have a strong faith. That’s what gets us through all these things, huh? Thank you both again so very much.

    ~ L, Jeannette